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Benefits of Changing to a Washable Air Filter

Washable air filters are essential and must have for a homeowner since it can be used in air purify and most filter appliances such as heating and cooling system and most importantly furnace. Many people do not believe that it can save time when compared to replaceable filter, this depends on the type washable air filter you are using, but generally, filters are just slotted into the appliance and do not require a specific set up. What a washable air filter needs are only damp cloth and also wash with a tap or any hose.

For you to maintain indoor air quality and take caution of your furnace from overheating, at least always plan to replace your filters once in a month. Changing your filter every month regularly is necessary for which the cost must add up. But if you are sick of buying a new filter over time, I will recommend washable air filter for you. Learn below what to take into consideration between disposable and washable HVAC filters.

Best Washable air filters to buy 2019

Here are some reasons to buy washable air filters

It saves money

I understand that washable air filter is costly than a disposable one, but it’s for a very time (at least five years); therefore, it’s quickly paid for itself. After all, as it has been instructed that disposable air furnace must be replaced every month, you know how much the washable air furnace has replaced, when it comes to this you know how much you save over the years.

it prevent the need to stock up on filters

I know you dislike stressing yourself running around to buy new HVAC filter every month. Though you can always stock up, it is so stressful. It’s not convenient to buy in bulk, what about if it’s hard to find the exact size that you want which can only add to your inconveniences each time you wish to a replace air filters. So, purchasing washable air furnace is a tremendous opportunity, and it brings conveniences compare to the struggle of the disposable heater

Reduce waste

The disposable filter is manufactured with fiber glass, cardboard, and a metal. Separating the cardboard and the metal component is a time consuming, and also, the fiberglass is non-biodegradable, the chance of recycling your furnace will be dashed. A washable filter always diverts the waste which is caused by replacing your filter 12 times every year

To round this article up, having any washable air filter will save you many costs over some years. We all know that air washable furnace is cost more than the disposable one even at times double, but disposable can only last mostly a year, therefore washable air filter will save you from huge expenses Looking at the time it will take and the cost saving, buying a washable air filter will be a considerable investment. Best of all your saving the environment as an air filter is not biodegradable and will sit on the landfill.

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