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Best Beer Fridge for Garage

If you want to enjoy a little bit extra out of your drink experience, you may want to consider investing in a proper garage beer fridge. We recommend you invest in the best beer fridge for the garage.

To help you easily enjoy your drink in your garage as much as possible, we’ve researched a list of the best beer fridges that fit your garage. These top-notch garage beer coolers are all sure to improve your garage experience.

So, how do you select the best beer fridge for your garage? Easy, we dedicated hours researching the different types of the beer fridge and what to look out for, including a list of critical features for your consideration. 

5 Best Beer Fridges for Garage

1. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

A durable beer fridge can make all the difference between a good temperature and taste and something you have to make do with or settle for. Whether you buy a mini fridge or a dedicated beer fridge, the most important thing is a constant cold temperature that keeps your favorite drinks in the best environment. This beer fridge has exactly that to offer while giving you enough space to keep a good supply of beer that will definitely last.

The NewAir Can Cooler is a versatile beverage cooler that keeps beers, wines and sodas cool down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a total of five adjustable, chrome slide-out racks, the interior of the fridge is very customizable.

The 3.4 cubic feet can be used to store a total of 126 cans of beer or soda and about 23 bottles of wine. The refrigerator has seven thermostat settings that make is easy to set the proper temperature for excellent results.

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and cooler is durable, reliable and easy to use. With this fridge, you can be certain of coming home from work to a chilling array of beverages to choose from.


  • Efficient
  • Cools fast
  • Perfect for garage


  • Expensive

2. Danby Beverage Center

If you don’t mind sacrificing some space and capacity, you will not have any trouble finding a cost-friendly beverage cooler without forfeiting control over the temperature you get with more pricy options. Good budget beer fridges offer enough space for a party’s worth of beer cans at a fraction of the price of their premium competitors.

Taking second place in the smaller size categories of beer fridges, the Danby Beverage Centre offers enough room to accommodate 95 beverage cans. You can also select the exact temperature that you want, as the temperature range functions with a manual thermostat.


  • Durable
  • Efficient


  • Expensive

3. Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge

It is difficult to keep any beverage cold when you are on the move. Beer and wine can be particularly difficult since most people who enjoy a chilled one are particular about their temperature preference to keep drinks at a consistent cool temperature and your party guests/friends excited, a portable fridge powered from a car outlet or straight from a wall will give you an excellent experience without being tied to your home or apartment.  

If you have been looking to acquire a fridge that will keep your beers cold on the go while picnicking or camping, the Chefman Portable Fridge is the best choice.

4. Igloo Red Garage Mini Fridge

Bringing your beer and beverages into your garage is a fast way to warm it up to room temperature within minutes. To keep your beers cold and free from congesting the kitchen fridge is  the best way to go. With this small portable fridge of 3.2 cubic feet, you have access to all your beverages while you lounge around in your garage. This fridges has adjustable multipurpose shelves as well as four caster wheels with which you can move the fridge around as you work in the garage.


  • Easy to move
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Cools fast


  • Allows only a few cans of beer

5. Kalamera 24 Inch Built-in Wine and Beverage Cooler

If you are looking to own a beverage cooler that can hold many cans, this fridge is your best bet. It has a 170 can capacity and can be built into your home’s bar or used as a freestanding unit. The transparent blue glass front allows you full viewership of what is in stock. The blue LED light illuminates your drink collection.


Fast cooling


Operates quietly



  • Expensive

Criteria for Choosing the Best Beer Fridge for Garage

We thought it would help list what you need to put into consideration before you decide to buy a beer fridge.  These are the criteria to consider before purchasing the beer fridges.


the location you are planning to put your beer fridge will help decide the type you need.  If you want a beer fridge for your garage that will stand alone or perhaps be moved to different areas, then a freestanding or even a mini beer fridge will be the best option for you.

Size and Capacity

the capacity of the beer fridge is very crucial, which heavily ties into its size. Beer fridge like Freestanding fridges typically take up around 3–3.5 cubic feet and can accommodate around 100 cans. While Mini fridges usually fit a six-pack and take up far less space. On that note, the bigger the refrigerator is, the more energy-efficient it tends to be, and the quicker it will chill the beer.


If you’re getting a built-in model, ventilation shouldn’t be an issue, as it will be located in the front fridge.

However, if you want a freestanding model, the vent will be located at the back. This means you will account for a small amount of clearance (inches) placed in the back and to the sides of the fridge to prevent overheating.

Cooling System

The cooling system’s choice will affect two things – one, the energy efficiency and, two, how silent/loud it is. There are two choices here, compressor and thermoelectric systems. You can research more on the two option to know the best one for you.


There are fridge that will allow you to set your preferred temperature, which is a good option if you drink a wide range of beers, lagers, ales and stouts. But As for the mini beer fridge, what you can get is a couple of pre-set levels between “on” and “off”.

The Price

When making a purchase, it is recommended to list the features you require and try to match the parts to your available budget.  The question is how much will a garage beer fridge cost? You will need to research and compare the price to choose the best one for your garage.

Power supply

This is another criterion to put into consideration. There is choice to be able to plug them into any standard 115V wall socket. and always remember to take the cord length into account as well.


Another consideration for you is the fridge’s appearance, not so much in the sense of color and how its appear (although it’s certainly a factor) as in the door material’s purpose.


Everybody wants their beer chilled, especially when they’re on the go, that’s why they lookout for the best options when it comes to refrigerators. If you’re looking to acquire the very best refrigerator for your garage, look no further than these best 5 options. 

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