Home Appliances Best Electric Boilers for Radiant Floor Heat [UPDATED]

Best Electric Boilers for Radiant Floor Heat [UPDATED]

Have you been looking for the best electric boilers for radiant floor heat

An electric boiler distributes hot water through radiators or underfloor heating. The electric boiler produces domestic hot water and/or can be coupled to a tank, wall-mounted or free-standing.

So, if you lack space to store wood or fuel, the best solution available to you is the electric boiler. It is also a good alternative if you cannot connect to town gas. This comparison review article will review the five best electric boilers for radiant floor heat.

5 Best Electric Boilers for Radiant Floor Heat

1.   FloorHeat 3-Zone Preassembled Radiant Heat Distribution

This is no doubt, one of the best underfloor heating systems currently. Its electric floor heating systems have customizable installation configurations for easy and straightforward installation. The heating system has a fully-fitted panel and preprogrammed setup to simplify things.

This device is energy efficient with a 10-foot-long sensor for optimal usage. It has a professional pre-assembled hydronic control that helps to reduce expenses on time and money. Its dimensions measure 32.5 inches wide X 44 inches in height X 10 inches deep.


  • Energy efficient
  • Simple installation
  • Fully embedded system
  • Attractive design that saves space


  • Does not support outdoor installation

2.   PEX Manifold Radiant Floor Heating

The best thing about this model is that it allows you to track how much water flows through the system. The device provides this information in GPM (gallons per minute). Additionally, the system has manual balancing valves that ensure the heating system is active and the output is balanced. It is also customizable, allowing you to regulate the flow.

Draining the system is a breeze, thanks to its preinstalled ‘fill-and-drain-valves,’ which are connected to a hose with a cap and make the process extra easy. The system provides standard heat distribution with its heating cable of 1/8 inches thickness and zero EMF-assisted systems.

Cables are 3 inches apart to enable equal heating all-round. For dimensions, the floor heating mat measures 4.29 pounds in weight and is 12 x 4 x 14 inches.


  • Full stainless-steel fitted
  • Comes with duty morning brackets
  • Pressure tested & preassembled
  • Energy efficient


  • It is typically designed for rectangle-shaped spaces

3.   AB Plate Heat Exchanger

This is one of the more popular options in the market. It is packed with unique features that make it one of the favorites. It features a completely durable heating system especially because of its full stainless-steel build (316L incorporated with 99% copper).

The system features a programable thermostat and a 10-foot-long wire for easy thermostat assembly. It is efficient and allows you to operate at a minimum of -265 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its design pressure measures 435 psi. Its test pressure measures 653 psi, which makes for added efficiency. The cable measures 3 x 8 inches in dimensions and weighs 5.14 pounds. It is budget-friendly and an excellent option for an affordable upgrade.


  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Up to 200,000 and 2800,000 BTU capacity
  • Compatible with multiple floor types


  • The thermostat requires a powerline which makes it incompatible with drywall installation

4.   Mophorn Radiant Floor Manifold

This is a great product that offers versatility and diversity in variation. It features an out-of-the-box type floor heating system that is solid and durable. The product contains energy efficiency and packs various features to this effect. It has dual-wire technology, comes preassembled, and is pressure tested.

The heating system is enabled with flow meters to help you adjust the flow rates. It also has an auto air vent. To add to that, it comes with manifold adapters that are compatible with all kinds of PEX tubing. For dimensions, the floor kit weighs 11 pounds and measures 19 x 15.5 x 3 inches.


  • Easy installation
  • Flow meters enabled
  • Fully compatible adapters
  • Even heating across the floor space


  • The planning phase before installation may need some critical thinking

5.   AB Loop Radiant Heat Manifold

This system features an all-in-one radiant floor boiling system. It provides automatic air ventilation, a temperature gauge, a shut-off valve, and more.

it is built with high-quality materials like stainless steel, which provide standard corrosion and pressure resistance and faster heating capacities.

Each manifold includes an automatic air vent, temperature gauge, drain valves with outlet caps, shut-off valve, and flow-balancing valve/manual, and it also comes with wheels. The wheels help with supplying and returning the trunks.

The system comes in various sizes to fit different kinds of spaces for dimensions. It measures 15.6 x 15.2 x 4.2 inches and weighs 13.22 pounds.


  • Comes with sub-floor thermal insulation
  • You can install it without cement
  • Has anti-microbial resistance
  • Has laminate floor noise reduction


  • You may need an expert to assemble it

How does an electric boiler work?

Like other boilers, the electric boiler’s operation principle is relatively simple. The device will heat water which will circulate in the heating circuit. It is this circuit that will then supply the heating network.

Unlike other models, the energy used by this type of boiler is electricity. It will, therefore, not use fuel such as wood, fuel oil, or gas. Thus, the user will not have to install a smoke evacuation duct.

However, the means of heating all-electric boilers are not the same. Therefore, we can find three categories of electric boilers on the market: classic, ionic, and induction.

Classic electric boiler

This is the most common type of boiler. It is equipped with a resistance whose main role is to heat the water in the heating circuit. The boiler also has a tank containing hot and cold water. When the hot water pressure is sufficient, it will be released through a valve. So when the hot water drains, another valve will bring cold water to the hot water tank. It is possible to regulate the heating thanks to the probes.

Ionic electric boiler

To provide heat, this type of boiler uses an ionizer. It is also called an ionization boiler because the heating body of the device is an ionizer.

To put it simply, ionization is the act of adding or removing one or more electrons from molecules.

This will produce energy that will be used in the form of heat and will then be sent to the coolant. Afterward, it is the exchanger which will ensure the transmission of heat to the water in the circuit.

Electric induction boiler

The technology used is similar to that of induction hobs. The principle is, therefore, quite simple. In contact with metal, an electromagnet will produce heat. Then the heat will be transported to a heat transfer liquid. The heat will be transmitted to the heating water through the plate heat exchanger.


An electric boiler can be installed without major difficulties compared to other alternative systems.


First, it is essential to determine a suitable space to accommodate the equipment. A dry, clean, and accessible place will allow the boiler to be installed without hindrance. This will also facilitate any handling in the event of a breakdown.

If the system must be fixed against a wall, some checks on the solidity and condition of the partition are essential. Although some models of electric boilers are really compact, the weight of such equipment requires total security during installation.


The second step concerns the connection of the water inlet and outlet pipes. All the experts recommend installing an additional tap to facilitate electric boiler maintenance. The presence of a valve is essential to avoid specific complex scenarios. This must be connected to the drain hose (oriented vertically).


The last installation phase concerns the electrical connection. The cabling used must follow the standards imposed in France. The presence of a circuit breaker and earthing are also essential.


Floor heating systems are as essential as air cooling systems; they help to balance things up as too much of the other can become trouble. Radiant floor heating systems provide a durable and efficient all-around solution. They are versatile and mostly easy to install and maintain. These five picks are excellent for anyone looking to make an excellent and durable choice regardless of the shape and size of their living or office space.

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