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Best Handheld Vacuum For Stairs And Pet Hair

Cleaning stairs and removing pet hair can be a challenging task, especially when using a traditional vacuum cleaner. That’s why handheld vacuums have become increasingly popular for their ease of use and portability.

A handheld vacuum can make cleaning stairs and removing pet hair much easier than using a traditional vacuum cleaner. When choosing a handheld vacuum, it’s important to consider the criterias we will mention below.

Take a look at the top 5 best handheld vacuum for stairs and pet hair in this article for an easy selection.

1. ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

The ChomChom Pet Hair Remover is a highly effective and reusable pet hair remover that works exceptionally well for both cats and dogs. The device has a unique design that allows it to pick up pet hair quickly and easily from different fabric surface, including carpets, couches, bedding, and clothing.

What sets the ChomChom Pet Hair Remover apart from other pet hair removers is its innovative design. It doesn’t require any sticky tape or batteries, which makes it very environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Instead, the device uses a patented roller system that picks up pet hair by simply rolling over the surface.

The ChomChom Pet Hair Remover is also very easy to use. You simply move it back and forth over the surface, and it picks up pet hair in one quick sweep. The device is also easy to clean, and you can simply rinse it with water to remove any pet hair or debris


Easy to use


Multi-surface lint roller


Not suitable for long hair

Not suitable for all surfaces

2. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is a game changer for pet owners struggling to keep their homes clean. This compact and corded vacuum packs a powerful punch and effortlessly picks up pet hair, dirt, and debris from furniture, carpets, and hard floors.

It has a specialized rubber nozzle that attracts pet hair and effectively removes it from upholstery and carpets. It’s also equipped with a HEPA filtration system that captures allergens and dust, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers.

It is lightweight and has a corded design, which means you never have to worry about running out of battery power in the middle of cleaning.


Easy to use and store

Powerful suction

Lightweight and corded for ease of use

On-board crevice tool


Noise level may be too loud for some people

Corded design limits maneuverability

3. BLACK+DECKER Furbuster Handheld Vacuum

This is a lightweight, cordless, handheld vacuum is designed specifically for pet hair and comes equipped with advanced cleaning technology to make the process of cleaning up after your furry friends a breeze.

Its powerful suction easily picks up even the most stubborn pet hair and debris from carpets, furniture, and other surfaces. The vacuum is also equipped with a motorized brush that helps to loosen and lift dirt and hair from upholstery and other fabrics. The vacuum also comes with a washable bowl and filter, making it easy to clean and maintain over time.


Large dustbin

It includes crevice tool

The included pet hair brush is great for removing pet hair from furniture and upholstery


The battery life might be short

Might not be suitable for carpets

4. GOGOING® Handheld Vacuum Cordless

The GOGOING Handheld Vacuum Cordless is a fantastic portable cleaning device that delivers strong suction power up to 9000Pa. This handheld vacuum cleaner is rechargeable and cordless, making it incredibly easy to use and maneuver around the house.

The large dirt bowl capacity ensures that you can clean your home without worrying about frequent emptying. Additionally, the vacuum comes with three versatile attachments, including a crevice tool, a brush, and a flexible hose, making it perfect for cleaning different surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

It also comes with a cleaning brush that comes that makes it easy to maintain and keep it clean.

  • Pros

Powerful suction

It is rechargeable

Has versatile attachments

  • Cons

Not suitable for wet messes

Cannot be used on carpets or rugs due to lack of brushroll

Not ideal for large-scale cleaning tasks due to its small size

5. Powools Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum

This vacuum is a great tool for cleaning!

First and foremost, the vacuum is cordless, which makes it extremely convenient to use. You can easily carry it from room to room without having to worry about plugging it in or finding an outlet. Additionally, it’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries.

The vacuum comes with a motorized brush that does an excellent job of picking up pet hair from carpets and upholstery. It is friendly on couch and stair treads. The suction is strong enough to pick up even the most stubborn hairs, and the brush helps to agitate them out of the fabric.

One thing that customers really appreciate about this vacuum is how well-equipped it is. It comes with a crevice tool for getting into tight spaces and a dusting brush for cleaning delicate surfaces. The dust bin is also easy to empty, which is a big plus.


Lightweight and portable

Cordless and rechargeable

Powerful motor



Limited battery life

Criteria For Choosing The Best Handheld Vacuum For Stairs And Pet Hair

Below are some of the criteria you should consider before buying handheld vacuum for stairs and pet hair;

Power and Suction: A handheld vacuum with strong suction power is essential to pick up pet hair and debris from stairs effectively. Make sure to check the motor power and suction strength of the vacuum before buying.

Corded or Cordless: Corded handheld vacuums offer more power and suction, but cordless models are more convenient and easier to maneuver on stairs. Consider which type would suit your needs better.

Battery Life: If you opt for a cordless model, check the battery life to ensure that it can clean the entire area you need to cover without needing a recharge.

Accessories: Look for handheld vacuums with specialized accessories such as crevice tools, pet hair attachments, and motorized brushes that can effectively clean pet hair and debris from stairs.

Filtration System: If you or your pets suffer from allergies, consider a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system that can capture small particles and prevent them from being released back into the air.

Weight and Size: Handheld vacuums should be lightweight and easy to handle, especially when cleaning stairs. Consider the weight and size of the vacuum to ensure that it is comfortable to use.

Noise Level: Handheld vacuums can be quite loud, so if you have pets that are sensitive it’s important to choose one that has a low noise level.

In conclusion, these are the top five handheld vacuums for stairs and pet hair. Each of these vacuums has its unique features that make them suitable for different needs. Consider your budget, cleaning needs, and preferences to choose the best one for you. With a handheld vacuum, cleaning stairs and pet hair will no longer be a daunting task.

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