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Best Hybrid Mattress for Couples [UPDATED]

Have you been looking for the best hybrid mattress for couples?

Firstly, the hybrid mattress, also known as the “universal mattress,” is a type that is supposed to be suitable for everyone. Whatever your morphology, age, or health, a hybrid mattress is designed to be ideally suited to everyone. These hybrid mattresses allow those who can’t decide among the many types of mattresses to go the easy way and ensure they have a product that is right for them.

Like any other mattress, the hybrid mattress can combine different technologies to give you the best possible mattress. The goal of the universal mattress is to benefit from the advantages of each technology to get the best night’s sleep.

Buying a mattress can be difficult for a couple. Your partner may have different criteria, needs, and tastes. In addition, you need to agree on the composition, firmness, and price. We summarized the main elements that make a mattress a good choice for sleeping well as a couple and show you the selection of the best mattresses for couples at the bottom of the page.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Couples

1. Linespa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This 8-inch hybrid mattress combines hypoallergenic memory foam with the typical support of an innerspring mattress for a medium-sturdy feel that is perfect for couples, guest beds, and kids’ rooms. It also has a plush layer of memory foam that keeps the spine in line to diminish pressure points for increased comfort.

The mattress is finished with a cozy knit cover and compressed in a portable box for easy delivery and setup. It is available in a medium 10-inch profile or a plush 12-inch profile that also features individually encased coils and gel infusions.

The Linespa 8-inch memory foam mattress is packed with one layer of soft memory foam that will cradle your body during sleep and relieve pressure points for increased comfort. The 6-inch steel coils beneath the foam offer the durability and support of a spring mattress.

This design disperses your body weight across the mattress to provide contour and support while you sleep. The mattress comes with a 10-year U.S. warranty that protects against defects by the manufacturer. 


  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Perfect for couples
  • Pressure relief


  • Not easy to set up alone
  • Extremely heavy

2. Zinus 12 Inch Support Plus Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

This is one of the firmest mattresses on the market and is perfect for couples! It is engineered with 10% more heavy gauge steel iCoil pocket innerspring for extra stability and firmness, ideal for plus-sized people, stomach sleepers, and couples.

The 7.5-inch base layer of this mattress has individually wrapped coils to prevent motion transfer. It has a bouncy feel and a touch of softness. It is expertly compressed into a portable box, so the setup is hassle-free, much like the 10-year warranty you get alongside your purchase!


  • Pressure relief
  • Affordable
  • Firm


  • Extremely Heavy

3. Vesgantti Pillow Top Series – 10.6 inch Innerspring Hybrid Twin Mattress

Vesgantti pillow top mattress is made of a soft layer that properly regulates your body temperature, prevents moisture, and keeps you dry and cool.

It is suitable for all sleeping positions and perfectly aligns with your body and partner’s for extra comfort and airflow.

The mattress is easy to set up and inflates completely within 24-72 hours.


  • Deep Comfort
  • Pressure relief
  • Lasting softness
  • Absorbs body movement
  • Less partner disturbance


  • Sags in the corners

4. LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

The LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress combines responsive latex, plush memory foam, and supportive coils. It is the perfect mattress for couples who are hesitant to purchase a mattress with 100% memory foam.

With the 6.3-inch individually-encased steel coil base, you can be sure of tremendous support, comfort, and sound sleep for you and your partner all night long. A 10-year warranty guards the durability of this mattress against manufacturer defects.


  • Lightweight
  • Pressure relief
  • Pain relief
  • Supportive
  • Comfortable


  • Too Heavy

5. Sweetnight 12 inch Queen Mattress

This gel-infused memory foam mattress is perfect for back support and motion disturbance. It offers 12 inches of support and comfort. It also relieves pressure in your shoulders, hips, spine, knees and feet. The foam properly aligns your body and eliminates joint pain, providing a comfortable sleep. It is made of skin-friendly rayon cotton fabric that is easily removable and washable.

Sweetnight 12-inch Queen Mattress is compatible with all setups and is designed to rest perfectly on any sturdy, flat surface. Whether you are a couple, side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper or a heavy-weight person, you will get the best support from this hybrid mattress.


  • Fits all sleepers
  • Perfect for all body types
  • Washable zippered mattress cover
  • Pressure point relief


  • Expensive

Criteria For Choosing The Best Hybrid Mattress For Couples

Choosing a mattress as a couple is not easy. There are many questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge. We will try to answer most of them here to guide you.


It seems obvious, but you have to choose the right mattress size for two of you. And for all couples, the more room there is, the more comfort will be. We recommend that you take this opportunity to turn to a Queen Size mattress in 160 × 200 cm.

This dimension will give you the space to sleep well without feeling too cramped. If either of you moves enough at night, it will keep you from being impacted.

This is a fundamental point when choosing a mattress, especially at the price you pay for it. But If you have the budget and the space in the room, choosing a King Size (180 × 200 cm) is the top choice.

Sleeping independence

This is one of the first criteria that comes to mind. The fact that one of the two members of the couple move very often creates tension. Partly because it annoys the other limb, which is slumped or raised every time he moves.

Sleeping independence allows the mattress not to be subjected on one side to the movements that take place on the other side. This is why you will avoid very tormented nights by choosing the right mattress with the proper sleeping independence.


In all couples, there are different expectations of comfort and firmness. Some people like firm mattresses, others are softer, and in the end, you should only choose one. So how do you avoid making a mistake in choosing firmness? Well, it’s pretty simple. For all couples, we first recommend a universal mattress where the firmness will be balanced. In part because if everyone thinks they know their preference regarding firmness, this is not reality. For your information, 8 out of 10 mattresses sold have a balanced firmness.


Regarding maintenance, it is also a fundamental parameter. Because without good maintenance of the pressure points, it will be impossible for you to sleep well. A soft mattress without good support will sink in, and you’ll end up almost buried in the ground. You will have back pain like never before for a firm mattress without support. We advise all couples to choose firm support because two people exert more pressure on the mattress. The counterweight must therefore be very robust to properly maintain your pressure points (hips, back, head).

The combination of two mattresses

It is a more widely adopted solution and is becoming fashionable in some countries. When the two couple members want opposite comforts, it is clear that it is difficult to find the right mattress. Well, the best solution is to buy two single mattresses. Then assemble them into a single two-seater mattress with a mattress protector and bed sheets.


These mattresses are designed to give you and your partner the benefits of innerspring and foam options.

The pocketed coil springs and memory foam layer in these hybrid mattresses are quieter than those in innerspring mattresses, and the absorption properties help reduce motion transfer.

This makes hybrid mattresses a logical option for couples, especially you and your partner.

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