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Best Light Bulb For Crystal Chandelier

Are you in the market for the next replacement bulb for your chandelier? In the case that your answer is Yes, then you need to buy the best light bulb for a crystal chandelier.

It is a little challenging to get the best light bulb in the market because of the multitude of light bulbs in the market.

In this article, we will help you on how to navigate the already populated market so you can pick the right light bulb for your chandelier.

In this article, we will list the five best light bulbs that will suit your chandelier while also giving you a list of things to consider before making your choice.

5 Best Light Bulb For Crystal Chandelier

1. Philips LED 536680CHECK ON AMAZON
2. Edison LED Light BulbsCHECK ON AMAZON
3. AmazonBasics 100W EquivalentCHECK ON AMAZON
4. Philips LED Dimmable B11 Clear Candle Light BulbCHECK ON AMAZON
5. E12 LED Candelabra BulbCHECK ON AMAZON

Criteria for selecting the best light bulb for crystal chandelier

  • Bulb Type

Light bulbs in the market can come in different types, and some of these bulbs can come in LED or CFL form. CFL bulbs sometimes serve as an excellent decorative bulb, but they do not last as long as LED bulbs. Also, the CFL bulbs are more expensive than the LED bulbs. Therefore, you should choose the LED type of bulbs.

  • Durability

To enjoy using your light bulb for long, you must pay attention to the durability of the bulb. It is important to do this in the case that you use the bulb for decorative purposes. A strong and durable light bulb will not easily break or crack open, and will not burn out easily.

  • Colour of the bulb

Depending on what you intend to use the bulb for, you must consider the colour of the potential bulb. Generally, anyone would want their chandelier to look right and beautiful with decorative bulbs. Therefore, you should pay attention to various light bulb colours to beautify your chandelier.

5 Best Light Bulb For Crystal Chandelier

1. Philips LED 536680

The Philips LED 536680 offers a warm and comfortable glow with high color rendering index (CRI). It has a warm glowing effect over a new experience for dimmable LEDs.

Philips LED has a smooth dimming LED bulb, which is flicker-free, silent, and it has been tested to work with dimmer switches.

It dims smoothly from 2700k down to a soft glow with great clarity.

Its durability is tested and expected to deliver up to 15000 hours of light which is based on three hours per day helping you save the cost of replacing the bulb on a daily basis.

It maintains the look and feels of a classic light bulb despite using 80% less energy than 60-watt incandescent bulbs which makes it energy efficient.

2. Edison LED Light Bulbs

The Edison LED light bulbs come with 4-pack quality dimmable light bulbs. Also, it becomes dimmable when used with a LED dimmer for effective dimmer compatibility.

Additionally, this light bulb gives you peace of mind because of its trusted service, and you will like that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Furthermore, this bulb is stylish in its way with the 4-watt LED Vetro light bulbs having a warm color temperature, and it also lasts long for 20,000 hours.

Do you need a standard fit bulb for that vintage, nostalgic and décor look? Then the perfect lightbulbs to use are the Edison LED Light Bulbs because it is standard fit.

3. AmazonBasics 100W Equivalent

The AmazonBasics 100W equivalent light bulb is ideal for spaces that require bright light since it doesn’t need a waiting time to warm up.

Also, in other to maximize its brightness, it provides 1600 lumens of light immediately.

It has a lifespan of 10,000 hours lasting for nine years, and it works basically on 3 hours of use every day.

It creates a bright atmosphere for any room, it also simulates daylight, and it has a correlated color temperature of 5000 kelvin.

Finally, this LED light bulb is economical, and it uses just 15 watts of energy and helping you save up an amount over the bulb’s life span.

4. Philips LED Dimmable B11 Clear Candle Light Bulb

An energy-efficient bulb that uses 80% less energy than 40-watt incandescent bulbs while also maintaining the look and feel of a classic bulb.

Additionally, this light bulb comes in a mercury-free design, making it glow with excellent brightness.

It saves you the stress and cost of replacing bulbs with its given lifespan of 25,000 hours, and it includes a ten years warranty giving you the sense of its durability.

Finally, this bulb is a comfortable light bulb that comes designed for the comfort of your eyes, and it also dims smoothly from 2700k down to a soft glow.

5. E12 LED Candelabra Bulb

The E12 LED candelabra bulb is a green device made of flame retardant, which makes it safe and reliable. The Golspark candlelight bulb comes with a design that will protect you from the danger caused by overload, temperature, and short circuit.

Additionally, this bulb can make a difference in your home with the brightness it gives, which is about 4000k bright.

The natural daylight feature with 360 degrees beam angle comes with a design capable of lighting up every corner of your room.

Additionally, it gives you unique dimmable lighting experience without flick and buzzing.

Finally, the brightness can be adjusted smoothly to your preference, and it allows you to create the perfect atmosphere of your choice.


The best light bulb for crystal chandelier will not only bring brightness to your home or decoration but also give your home a type of beauty that is unmatched. All of the above-listed light bulbs are unique and will provide you with enough durability that will make it last longer.

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