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Best Light Bulbs For Clear Glass Pendant Light

The best light bulbs for a clear glass pendant light is a big deal in the market of today because of the high quality it comes with. You will hardly find any fault in this type of light bulbs as a result of a unique manufacturing process. These light bulbs are always in demand at all times, and it is because of the quality design.

A little disadvantage is that it is a bit hard to find the best light bulbs for clear glass pendant lights because there are a lot of look-alike designs that can confuse you in the market.

Therefore, we made it a little easy to get these types of light bulbs in the market by giving a list of what to consider and also a list of the best five in the market.

Criteria for selecting the best light bulbs for clear glass pendant lights

  • LED

The LED type of bulbs is really high in demand in the market, and you will do well to go for a light bulb with this design. These types of bulbs emit a lot of light and consume a minimal amount of energy. They also last very long, unlike the incandescent kinds of light bulbs.

They also generate little or no heat to make your home feel cool. Therefore, consider these types of light bulbs as you will enjoy the services they render.

  • Brightness

The brightness of the bulb is also a significant feature to consider when buying your best light bulb. Make sure the brightness is good enough for the type of illumination you want in your home. Also, you should check the bulb’s label to have a good idea about the bulb’s brightness.

  • Longevity

Considering how lasting your light bulb will be is as important as getting the bulb, make sure you go with a bulb with high durability function as this will make it last longer than you can imagine. Also, these types of bulbs do not burn out easily.

5 Best Light Bulbs For Clear Glass Pendant Lights

1. LANROS Industrial Mini Pendant Lighting

This is a perfect blend of fashion and retro with the bubble glass pendant having a handblown seeded shade, added with the Edison style bulb to finish the look.

It is quick and easy to install. The installation pack comes with a shade, a light metal base with a black cord, and a top cap, which makes the installation process very convenient with an Edison bulb.

The height can be adjusted using an adjustable rope of 51.54 inches. You can hang higher or lower by pulling through the cord to your desired length and thereby fix it by the screw. In essence, you get 100% satisfaction on this light bulb.

2. Westinghouse Lighting 6100700

The Westinghouse Lighting 6100700 is a one-light indoor mini pendant with hand blown clear seeded glass shade. It also comes with a brushed nickel finish that adds a retro style to the design of the bulb.

You can install this light bulb on a sloped ceiling, and it comes with instructions that will help in the mounting process.

Additionally, it is an LED bulb that uses up to 60-watt of power. Also, you will like the timeless or filament design of the bulb.

 You will enjoy a five-year limited warranty whenever there is a fault with the materials used in building this bulb.

3. Primo Industrial Kitchen Pendant Lighting

This product has an adjustable wire cord, and it is best suited for kitchen island lighting, dining room pendant lighting, and a hanging light bulb either in a bedroom or foyer lighting.

It is dimmable when used with a dimmable bulb and compatible dimmer switch. It works with most medium base bulbs up to 60W.

It is also compatible with small bulbs, and the one recommended for this pendant lighting is an incandescent or LED Edison style bulb.

 The minimum hanging height for this product is 14 inch while the maximum hanging height is 100 inches.  It is available in brushed nickel, polished chrome, and antique brass.

4. CLAXY Ecopower Foyer Clear Glass Dining Pendant Lighting

With the CLAXY Ecopower Foyer Clear Glass Dining Pendant Lighting, you will have one of the best lightings for your home.

You will get up to 60-watt power for each o the lights, and it comes with a dimmable feature. Additionally, you will love the dimmer switch, and you love that the bulb is energy efficient.

You will enjoy a glowing diffusion from this bulb, and the open bottom shade allows for easy replacement of the bulbs.

It is a bulb designed for a dry environment, and it will last longer than you can ever imagine.

5. Lucera Glass Kitchen Pendant Light

The Lucera Glass Kitchen Pendant Light will serve your home lighting with excellent quality and durability. It can serve as a dining room light bulb, as well as a foyer light bulb.

Additionally, it comes with one 4W lumen, an LED filament Edison style bulb, and a color temperature of 2,700k.

It comes with a design that does not display wiring, thanks to the adjustable rods that help to hide the wires from the open.

Finally, it works with medium-sized bulbs of 60-watt power, and you will like that it works well with smart bulbs.

Finally, it measures up to 11 inches by 15 inches in height and the shade measures 11 inches in diameter.


The best light bulbs for clear glass pendant lights have been listed in this article, and all of the above listed are of high quality. You must pay attention to the criteria for selection, as they are essential when getting your light bulbs.

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