Water is life. Good drinking water should also be life-giving and fit for human consumption. Water that is safe for drinking passes through filtration using water filters. Refrigerator water filters separate dust particles, certain microbes, and more than 96 percent of other contaminants. These harmful particles would otherwise pass through refrigerator water and cause harm to the body. Therefore, water filters help ensure that water is safe/fit for drinking. Therefore, we will review the five best refrigerator water filter compatible with Kenmore and the criteria to consider before purchasing them.


1. Waterdrop Plus Refrigerator Water FilterCHECK ON AMAZON
2. Aquafresh WF710 Replacement for Kenmore 9030CHECK ON AMAZON
3. IcePure RWF1300A Replacement for Kenmore 46-9130CHECK ON AMAZON
4. LG Replacement for Kenmore 46-9980CHECK ON AMAZON
5. GE MXRC Replacement For Kenmore 9905 Refrigerator Water FilterCHECK ON AMAZON

Criteria For Selecting The Best Refrigerator Water Filter Compatible With Kenmore

There are basic criteria that should qualify a water filter, including the following:

Go for screens with multilevel functionality: A rule of thumb is to buy a water filter compatible with Kenmore that filters water through several layers.

Select one with long service time: A water filter should be versatile enough to filter several thousands of gallons before replacement.

Identify the contaminant types in your water: You should get your water tested to know the specific unwanted particle(s). This knowledge should aid in selecting the appropriate  Kenmore water filter.

Cost: It is essential to compare the value of the water filter versus the features/functions it offers.


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1. Waterdrop Plus Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with  KENMORE 469690, 9690, ADQ36006102

Waterdrop Plus Refrigerator has features and functionalities that fit well with many Kenmore refrigerator models. The Waterdrop Plus features innovative filters powered by  NSF 401 Upgraded filtration performance. This filter reduces and removes chlorine taste and odor from your refrigerator ice and water. You can rest assured that your water is fit and clean for drinking. This water filter is designed to process over 200 gallons of water over a period of 6 months or more.

Are you thinking of installation troubles with this filter? You have no worries as the Waterdrop Plus is an easy-to-fix/install piece that carries no risk of leakages.

2. Aquafresh WF710 Replacement for Kenmore 9030

The Aquafresh features at the top of the list of water filters compatible with the premium Kenmore brand. It functions seamlessly as both a refrigerator ice and water filter. The WF710 reduces or eliminates chlorine taste, odor, sediment and particles from your refrigerator’s ice cube and water system.

The Aquafresh also performs superbly in eliminating any turbidity (cloudiness or haziness) from your drinking water. The filtering process uses proprietary coconut carbon black filters. These filters achieve a high degree of particle agglomeration and elimination. Hence, you obtain water that is clean and healthy for your consumption.

3. IcePure RWF1300A Replacement for Kenmore 46-9130

IcePure RWF1300A is another stellar option for water filters compatible with Kenmore. This water filter comes from advanced engineering/technology to seamlessly tackle the water filtration process. You will be happy when the IcePure RWF1300A goes to work.

The RWF1300A removes/eliminates chlorine, odor, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and THMs (trihalomethanes). The removal statistics are in the range of 96 percent and above. Next is pure, clean, healthy drinking water for you and your family. This water filter is also easy to install and requires no special installation tools.

4. LG Replacement for Kenmore 46-9980

The LG replacement comes as another formidable water filter compatible with Kenmore. This water enjoys certification approvals such as NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53. Therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of the filter and the water it filters. The LT1000P provides great-tasting water and ice for you and your family.

The LT1000P reduces or removes contaminants such as iron, particulates, and chlorine. With a filter life of 6 months and a capacity of over 200 gallons, you can be sure that this water filter will serve you for a long time.

5. GE MXRC Replacement For Kenmore 9905 Refrigerator Water Filter

GE MXRC water filter is another solid filter that works well with most Kenmore models of refrigerators. The GE MXRC comes designed to reduce or eliminate the following contaminants:

  1. Lead
  2. Cysts
  3. Turbidity
  4. Chlorine
  5. Particulates Class I.

Removing these unwanted particulate matters means your water comes out clean, healthy, and odorless.

The GE MXRC comes from safe, non-lead materials so that you rest assured that your water is safe for consumption. You also can install the GE MXRC without hassles as it snaps in place with a click.

Some FAQ And Answers

Does refrigerator water filters necessary?

The new refrigerator filters thoroughly clean water, decrease pollutants, and prevent bacteria from getting into your water. However, carbon has a limited capacity. The longer you decide to wait to change your filter, the whole lot worse your water could get. This is just what takes place unless you change your refrigerator’s water filter.

Can an old refrigerator water filter make you ill?

Refrigerator filters are created to work with water that is already microbiologically safe. The city’s water has previously been chemically treated to identify viruses and pathogens. But when you continue to use a filter for one year, your tap water could be improved with all previously blocked pollutants. An old filter becomes a premium housing for living organisms that could enter your digestive tract or gastrointestinal system and cause signs and symptoms like the flu.

How frequently should you replace the water filter in your refrigerator?

Refrigerator filters ought to be changed every six months. Never leave a filter always in place for more than a year. The longer you utilize a carbon filter beyond its maximum capacity, the more destructive your water will be.

Are the refrigerator water filters helpful?

They are effective in what these are made to do. These are great for reducing chlorine’s taste, smell, and sediments. They will not soften the drinking water, they will not get rid of the iron, or will they prevent health hazards in the untreated water. If your water originates from a well, you are responsible for your safety and need more than a refrigerator filter to treat your water. Water must have water filtration throughout the house, including some harmful bacteria treatment.

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