Home Lighting Best Smart Light Bulb Review: Philips Hue

Best Smart Light Bulb Review: Philips Hue

Best smart light bulb Philips Hue remains the undisputed king in the lighting industry, and there is a good reason that the department is continually expanding.  It has no parallel in terms of choice, compatibility, and quality.  In particular, Lifx is working hard to promote Hue, but if we have to recommend a smart bulb brand, we will not hesitate to offer Philips Smart Home Baby.

Compatibility: Android, iOS,

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 Philips Hue is more than a smart light bulb, and it is also a smart lighting system.  Hue Bridge with the smart controls will always change the way you experience light.  Philips Hue is the grandfather of intelligent lighting: the first Hue light bulb was inaugurated in October 2012. It is original and remains the best in our eyes.  These smart and low energy LED lights to come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and models to meet your space needs.

 At the heart of the Philips Hue system, Bridge acts as a smart center that connects your device to a smart light.  You can add up to the total 50 Philips Hue lamps and accessories to a bridge.  Use the Philips Hue app to quickly and easily control your smart lights.

 The Hue application is spotless, and if you have already created an account and logged into the application, you can even control the bulb when you are away from home.  The app also knows if it is at home or elsewhere, so you know if you have turned on the lights by mistake (or if you open them when you get home).

 Once you have configured your Hue Bridge center included, you can use the smartphone app to communicate with the Bridge.  Never return to a dark house by creating a repeat program or, if you return or go home earlier than expected, turn on the lights manually through the application.  Name the accessories for easy identification, especially to control or dim the individual lamp or the entire room.

 But what makes Hue unique is that you can easily use as a song and dance lights connected with other smart home kits.  The Hue Friends program includes IFTTT, Xfinity, and Logitech, and the smart home platform that provides for Works with Nest, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa has also been added in recent months, which means that voice control allows you to turn on and turn off the lights.  And additional security measures, if the camera detects movement the lights will turn, or all the lights will turn flash red

 You do not need to attend the Philips Hue Bridge – you can use Hue Dimmer keys – but until ten bulbs, it will not be able to access advanced features such as color controls or graphics, simple dimmer lights will be limited in cases.  You can connect your bridge to your router and start from there.  If you are like us, every light of your home will not stop until Hue’d-up.


  •  It turned out to be the best
  •  Large bulb and accessories selection
  •  Hue Friends Platform


  •  Not the cheapest
  •  Still depends on Hub
  •  The default scene will disappear


  •  Import (Compatible with Amazon Alexa Apple Homecity and Google Smart Assistant) Philips Hue White A19 60W Bulbs Equivalent Smart Starter Kit
  •  The Philips Hue White A19 60W bulbs have been imported with an equivalent Smart Starter Kit (compatible Alexa Apple Home Kit and Google smart assistant).  Requires iOS9 with the Apple Family Suite and an Apple device with the Philips Hue app v1.  10
  •  Use with Alexa for voice guidance (requires hub including Alexa device)

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