Home Lighting Best Smart Light Bulbs For Google Home [2023 UPDATED]

Best Smart Light Bulbs For Google Home [2023 UPDATED]

Are you in the mood to change your home setting? have you been looking for the best smart light bulbs for google home? If you want to follow the new trend and convert your home to a smart ecosystem, and then the first way to start is by investing some money in smart lighting; this even becomes more enjoyable when the smart lighting comes with a speaker as this brings a new interactive feel to your home.

The most known brand of smart lighting in the past is Phillips Hue. However, we now have a series of brands offering the best experience of a smart light bulb. This is why we have compiled a list of the five best smart light bulbs for google home. You will find this very interesting because there are multiple products.

Best Smart Light Bulbs For Google Home

Product NameImageAmazon
Best Smart Light Bulbs For Google HomeCheck on Amazon
2. Lifx A19 Colour bulbCheck on Amazon
3. Sengled Element ClassicCheck on Amazon
4. Ikea Tradfri smart bulbCheck on Amazon
5. Eufy LumosCheck on Anazon

Criteria for choosing the best smart light bulbs for google home

  • Size

In terms of size, if you need a large bulb that can illuminate your room or home properly, then you have to go for it, bearing in mind that your target is to ensure you get the best size that will fit your home.

  • Smartness

Be sure to put this first since your goal from the beginning is to convert your home to a smart ecosystem. Choose the product that offers the best qualities regarding smartness and interaction.

  • Brands

There are ancient brands that readily offer quality over the years, and there are new brands that do the same also; choose the brand that best suits your taste in terms of quality, color, size, and smartness.

  • Product review

One or more people would have had an experience with your potential smart light bulb. So try to read what they have had to say about the product to have a better clue about the product before buying.

5 Best Smart Light Bulbs for Google Home

1. Philips Hue starter pack

Regarding brand reputation, Philips Hue has been out there for quite a number of years and have never been disappointed with the output of their light bulb quality and smartness. This is why they remain the heavyweight champion of smart light bulbs.

The bulb comes with great quality and effective ease of compatibility.

The product comes with a voice control feature and is also compatible with your mobile phone its iPhone or Android devices. It works with the internet and can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

2. Lifx A19 Colour bulb

The Lifx also brings a good fight to the table in terms of rivaling qualities in the smart lighting market.

It is great for use as it easily connects with everything and the Wi-Fi connectivity feature is one of the reasons it is high up there with the best brands.

This product is presented with different shades of colors that will help warm the atmosphere in your home. It works fine with Amazon Alexa, which helps in dimming the light.

Finally, the bulb is a 75 Watt bulb that works with Apple home kit and Google Assistant.

3. Sengled Element Classic

This product comes with lots of values and it delivers on all promises. Though the product requires a hub, it still works fine with third-party applications which make it flexible in terms of use.

This is not an expensive product and it is pretty easy to install.

It works fine with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink, and smart things. You can either control this with voice control or use the application.

This great smart light can set scenes and it can also create schedules. You can choose to brighten or dim the light and it works with either of IOs or Android devices.

4. Ikea Tradfri smart bulb

This is easy to use a product that works fine with third-party applications. It can be controlled with an application or voice control feature.

You will love that this bulb helps to conserve up to 85% energy and its life span is 10 times more than the incandescent bulbs.

The light color is presented as warm white and it shines at about 2700 Kelvin. The downside to this is that it does not have a dim feature.

5. Eufy Lumos

What the manufacturer of this product is presenting is cheap and yet quality laden and smart.

The product is great and works fine with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It connects with a durable and limitless range of WiFi features. This product is reliable and will serve you well.

You will love the voice control and the in-app control features. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Your journey to begin a smart ecosystem living in your home just got better because with the above-listed products, you have the best of the best smart light bulbs for google home, and you will love the beautiful experience that comes with it. Follow our review guidelines, and it will be a smooth and lovely shopping experience when buying your smart light bulbs.

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