Home Lighting Best Smart Light Reviews: Sengled Element

Best Smart Light Reviews: Sengled Element

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Compatibility: Android, iOS


Sengled is a smart light that offers and delivers significant usefulness. It’s currently a ZigBee end devices, so larger homes might need a signal boost and would probably support Apple Homekit in the future. Another good thing about Sengled is that it can work with hubs that are not its own.

Out of the many users of sengled, 67% gave five stars and commented about how easy It is to connect to Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Wink hubs when using sengled. The app also has fantastic features that enable you to set light schedules, monitor energy, and turn off light in case you forgot before you left the house. According to the lists, it also states that each bulb has the life span of 20 years, which means you don’t need to change your bulb regularly.

There is also added support for Alexa and Google Assistant control. Connecting to Google assistant will require a hub whether wink, Samsung Smart Things or Sengled’s own, but for Alexa, it will need connecting your Echo plus directly to the bulbs. And there are sengled bulbs connected to smartThings, which we control through Google Assistant and the connection is perfect.

The color temperature is 2,700k, and the output is 800 lumens, the standard you get from a household bulb. There is a separate app if you have a sengled app to control your many smart bulbs up to a maximum of 64. With the Element Plus bulbs, you can throw in some colors that operate exactly as the classic.

Going with the current trend, it also has a color plus bulb speaker. The bulb will sync up with the music and will switch the color based on the genre of music you are playing; this happens only when you change it to Rhythm mode. To counter the colorful smart bulbs from its rival sengled released an Element Color Plus but you may want to wait for its motion-sensing bulb to be launched later next year.

There is no smart bulb without its disadvantage. The first one for sengled is that it does not work with Apple HomeKit, although it’s still under work. And this is a problem for more substantial homes because the bulbs aren’t ZigBee repeaters and so there might be a need for the extension of a signal across a large area. Another thing is that the color bulbs cannot be bought separately. There is also a minimal instruction in the box for the setup although it’s simple and should not be much of a problem.


  • It’s simple to setup
  • Can work without Sengled hub
  • Cheap


  • Separately sold Colour bulbs
  • It does not support Apple Homekit
  • Not ZigBee repeaters


  • Sengled Smart LED soft white A19 starter Kit, 2700k 60W Equivalent, two light Bulbs, and Hub
  • Support both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Voice Control: Control your light Via voice command by connecting your smart LED starter Kit to Alexa or Google assistant.
  • Smart Lighting: Get started by connecting the built-in Smart Hub to a 2.4 GHz wi-fi network. flip the lights on/off, dim or brighten, and set schedules
  • Energy Efficient: Monitor Electric use with the sengled app. They use 80% energy less than incandescent lighting.
  • Create Scenes and Routines: Put your light on schedule or Set scenes
  • Expand Smart Lighting: The built-in Sengled Smart Hub supports 64 Smart Sengled LEDs, including monochrome, multicolored, and white A19 bulbs.

The bulb cost $9.99 each, four pack cost $38.99, and 8-pack cost $72.39. An extra purchase needs to be made to get the hub, but the overall cost of the setup would still be impressively low compared to some competitors. But if you have already had a hub due to smart devices in your home, then $10 each is a cheap deal.

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