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Best smart locks review: Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset Kevo is among the best smart locks and an excellent choice for those who want to make their locks smarter, more convenient, and don’t require a lot of different compatibility options and smart home integration.

  While many best smart lock manufacturers are new players in the game, Kwikset has been building locks for decades and knows how to make a good lock.  Best smart locks Kwikset Kevo has the edge over other locks because of its simplicity and ease of use, as well as its outstanding design.

  Installation is the first thing you have to do. Although the process can be a bit complicated, fortunately, the accompanying application will guide you through everything.  Once installed, there will be calibration, and you should go well.  Then all you have to do is tap the lock with your finger to lock or unlock the door.

  Now, because Kevo is a smart home device, you’ll want the lock to play well with the rest of your family, but unfortunately, it’s a bit limited in this regard.  The lock’s only connection is via Bluetooth, which means you can’t control it remotely by default.  Those who want remote access can upgrade to Kevo Plus for $100, and they will ship a Bluetooth gateway to give you Wi-Fi access.  With this, you can also get Amazon Alexa support, but the lock does not support  Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. You can lock and unlock your door with apps supported by iOS and Android.

  Locking takes a few seconds to unlock, but the reason is good – it needs to determine the location of the phone first.  After all, just connecting to a phone is not enough to verify the lock.  It also needs to make sure your phone is outside the door. Otherwise, anyone can tap the lock when you open the door.

  Your life has become more comfortable.  With Kevo’s Touch-to-Open technology, you can enter your smartphone in your pocket or wallet; no longer find your key.  Just touch the lock to open it for ultimate convenience.  No smartphone, no problem.  Use the included bracelet to enjoy the same touch and open comfort.  Send an electronic key (eKey) to a suitable family member, friend, or visitor who has a compatible smartphone so that they can also use the phone as a key. 

Receive notifications of locked activity and manage locks and eKeys using the Kevo mobile app.  In addition to convenience, Kevo is also very safe.  You can add, remove, or disable eKeys from your mobile app, or use Lost Phone Reset in an impossible situation.  This single cylinder lock can be locked or unlocked by an external key or a rotating button on the inside.  The crisp, clean appearance of satin nickel adds the overall look of the product to a contemporary look.


  •    Simple and easy to use
  •   Great design
  •   Interesting integration


  •   Some connections failed
  •   Additional cost for remote access


  • Your smartphone is now your key: tap to open comfort
  •   The Bluetooth smartphone is compatible with Bluetooth four.0
  •  Smartphone compatibility: Apple iPhone 4S or higher and Android five.0 (Lollipop) or more top simple setup with minutes with one screwdriver.
  • Certified melioration together with Kwikset’s period guarantee

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