Home Lighting C by GE: Best Smart Light Review

C by GE: Best Smart Light Review

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Compatibility: A19, BR30, E26

With the advent of technology, smart homes are becoming more relevant, and smart light is getting somewhat accessible on the internet. As the most saturated smart device market, the smart light bulb market grows daily like any other new fashion device. If you ever think there were a lot of devices you can choose from Amazon echo, the smart light market is many times more.

Another biggest name in smart lighting is GE, and its C product is its first entry in the smart lighting industry. C by GE is a vast product line which comprises of a lamp and an intelligent switch though we are only after the bulb.

There is nothing better like a product that is simple and well affordable, and that is why C by GE is pure with no fancy colors. And should you have a problem with your app, setting up the bulb will be much easier. And as long you know what you want, With C by GE you can undoubtedly get it. The light is very bright; it is dimmable and suitable for your budget since you get two in a pack.

The bulbs are very compatible Alexa, Google assistant and possibly Homekit support(but not yet visible), and also voice control and out of home control are done with C-reach. They are in two variants, which is C-Life and C-sleep. The C-Life is primarily built for lighting, and the bulbs have 850 lumens of brightness and work under a color temperature of 2000k to 7000k.

While the C-sleep bulbs, on the other hand, are meant to be used while resting at the end of each day. Their color temperature is not as bright as C-life; its ranges from 2000k to 5000k.

The new Made for Google C by GE bulb is the third type of bulb, and it doesn’t require the reach hub before it works. After the Google home is plugged in, you can screw in the bulb, open google home app, and add them.  The process can be as simple as that and will not require you to go through the usual painful method of connecting C by GE bulbs.

This app is straightforward and not that difficult; the only thing you have to do is follow instructions as they are Bluetooth bulbs and with WiFi connections. The only problem is that the app is marked with the spot. Sometimes you will have to restart the installing close to three times and reset bulb at least once. Resetting the bulb is unreasonable as the sequence requires you to turn it on and off again frequently.

The most exciting part in getting the C by GE bulbs in the US is their affordability because a two pack cost about $30 while it’s a different thing in the UK where you have to get it for the cost of about £70 on Amazon from third parties. For C by GE you will not get fancy colors like some of the other options as they are not the smartest bulb, but if you want a bulb that is dependable, solid, affordable fit and bright bulbs C by GE is your right choice.


  • Life span should be up to 20 years based on three hours use per day, provides same light output as the 60-watt incandescent bulb
  • Compatible with Alexa for voice management
  • Create custom lighting scenes on the app. Scenes like  Movie Time, Wake Up, or Homework Hour, etc.
  • Bluetooth enabled, no hub needed for setup
  • Instant dimming or brightening and talent to manage all bulbs right away

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