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Why Weatherproofing your Window is Necessary?

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Weatherproofing your window is very necessary because of the desire of homeowners to reserve energy. Both seen and unseen routes for air that allows in cold winter drafts or the summer wind have been sought out. This, in turn, overworks the heating and air conditioning units and therefore leads to a rise in energy cost.

The energy crisis of 1970 has many homes built since then to be focused on energy efficiency, but the desire to build-in energy efficiency by sealing off our homes from the outside has a lot of un-intending consequence of creating a health problem for the occupants.

High effective and budget-friendly home heating and air cooling was thought of needing a close-fitting control over airflow coming into the living apartment from the outside which was sometimes too hot or too cold, depending on the season.

Instead of allowing the heating and air conditioning systems spend more energy treating incoming in-motion air to be at the same temperature level as the air inside, architects, and HVAC system designers made the building well sealed.

But the regular practice was to recycle the air in the home over the rates of 0.2 to 0.3 changers per hour, a contrast to 2.0 changers per hour in older homes. The older homes could be healthier than the new homes but cannot be as comfortable during both summer and winter.

Although there can be many pleasant days that will only require to opening the window, proper ventilation during hot and cold days will entail this season condition, it is programmed into your Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

The need in a modern weatherized home is to provide adequate ventilation through filters that clean indoor air pollutants and irritants, control inflow of outdoor air that can be heated or cooled as needed and also ensures proper flow of air through the rooms of the house to avoid dead air becoming stagnant.

Anytime you talk to a provider of heating and cooling systems in the home, do not only talk about the savings from proper weatherization of your home. But make sure you ask about appropriate ventilation that will keep your home healthier without compromising on the energy costs.

Weatherproofing your window is something that does not take much of your time. The investment may be short term, but rewards will certainly be long term, you will notice a significant increase in your comfort and your wallet once we are in the deep of the cold winter month.

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