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Choosing the right Home ventilation system

For us to remain healthy, it is essential that we take care of the air we breathe in,because they must be safe and healthy. Because there are many elements in the air such as vapor and gases from chemicals that are domestically used that contaminate the air and make it unsafe. Therefore, there is a need for us to have a suitable home ventilation system that makes sure there is the free passage of fresh air into the home and expels contaminated air. And if the house is heatproof, ventilation will ensure that pollutant in the air which is dangerous to the health and that can damage health are evacuated.

 Why should you ventilate the home?

As a result of breathing in the house, there is always a lot of warm air, and when this warm air come in contact with a cold surface, the air condenses into liquid. This warm air condenses on the ceiling and wall surface, which encourage the growth of mold and in turn will lead to wood rot in the home and can also spoil insulation.

When the home becomes very stuffy, your energy bills will increase because the cooling equipment in the house will have to work much more. There are also a couple of gases in the air that come from fireplaces, stoves and cleaning agent that are detrimental to health.

     Types of Home Ventilation

Different methods are used for home ventilation. We have the natural ventilation where there is free movement of air in and out of the house from doors, windows, and cracks. And there is another method which is mechanical ventilation that uses fans and vents to bring in the fresh air and get rid of stale air from home. There are two types of mechanical ventilation, spot ventilation, and whole house ventilation systems.

   What is spot ventilation

Spot ventilation is the one that manages the flow of air by the use of exhaust fans that are positioned in certain areas in the home. The exhaust helps to do away with moisture and pollutant from the surrounding area. The exhaust fan is usually found in the bathroom and kitchen. But for homes that use natural ventilation method, spot ventilation can be used to increase successful of air flow in the house.

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Whole house ventilation system

Whole house ventilation system as the name implies provides ventilation to the entire home. It is controlled and the same ventilation throughout the house. There is various type of whole house ventilation system. An exhaust ventilation system is one that lower air pressure in the home by eliminating stale air and then allows clean, fresh air to come into the house through vents and cracks. The system includes a single fan that is connected to ducts from various rooms in the home and then gets rid of the stale air through an exhaust point.

A supply ventilation system works by creating pressure in the home by making use of a fan. There is also an equalized ventilation system that brings in the fresh air and exterminates stale air. Ordinarily, the system has two systems, each mode with its fan and a duct. Usually, there is a supply of fresh air into the living rooms and bedroom, and the air is expelled from the kitchen and bathrooms.

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