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Comparison: Bullet Cameras Vs. Dome Cameras

On the search for the camera for a home security system or a business surveillance system, you are most likely to settle between two popular options which are bullet cameras and dome cameras.

If you look at the both, bullet cameras budge outwards like a gun barrel whereas dome cameras contain their top portion shaped just like that of a dome. Apart from the outward appearance, the significant capabilities of the two types are very similar. Only some little differences make the end-users choose one over the other.

For facilitation of a better comparison between the above mentioned two, we are pointing out those ‘slight’ differences through the location for installation, mounting options, range, and more:

What’s their installation procedure?

When it comes to the camera set-up, bullet cameras are more flexible when compared to their dome counterparts. Bullet cameras are ‘point and shoot’ devices. What you need to do is to position the mounting bracket onto the wall or any surface, and your device is all prepared to record. Also, if in case you want to change the field of view after installation, you only need to switch the angle of these cams near the direction you desired and get a stress-free repositioning.

Dome cameras are not compulsorily challenging to mount, but the actual problem comes when the user needs to change the area of view. The first thing the user will have to do is dismount the cam, decide the desired angle, and then mount it again. So, there may be a need for you to call a security installer as it might be tough for you to set it up all by yourself.

What’s the best location?

Let examine dome recorders first. The sleek and elegant appearance and less intrusive appeal make them the best choice to serve as protection for the indoors of a home and a business setup. They blend flawlessly with the interiors and decoration of your household or business premise without requiring any changes. So, due to all of the points above, dome-shaped devices are the best options for the indoors.

When it comes to bullet cams, they are far better comparing to the dome camera for extensive outdoors. Rugged housings and weatherproof coatings give them access to survive every harsh weather and make them record regardless of whether it rains or shines. Therefore, it is much more advisable to check the weatherproof rating of the system before concluding your outdoor surveillance device.

The Range

There are some characteristics on which the range of a security device depends. Some of these are sensor chip, wide dynamic range, type of lens, resolution, Back Light Compensation, Auto Gain Control, and much more.

It is challenging to say which specific type of camera has a more extended range. Even so, generally, bullet cameras have the shape that can encompass a bigger lens which eventually increases the range of the recording. Also, the shape of the dome camera somehow limits the scope of the lens.

Because of longer ranges, bullet cameras are more fit for outdoor applications where the user often needs to keep an eye on broad areas such as parking lots and yards.

But, as stated earlier too, the range depends on multiple factors. Therefore, it is possible that you might find a dome camera that has a more extended range compared to the bullet version.

Open or Cover

Bullet cameras are much likely not to be easily seen but can still be easily spotted as compared to their dome version. A bullet camera can shout out loud, and this helps in discouraging thieves from even stepping their foot on your property.

While Dome cameras on the other side, blend well with the surroundings and are similarly harder to spot. Thus, it’s a better choice for you if you want to capture people and do not want them to know they are being captured. Undeniably, they are perfect for convert applications when compared to the bullet cameras.

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