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High Ceiling Fans with Remote Control

Your home, office, conference room, and place of worship, etc. look more beautiful when you use high ceiling fans with remote control. Apart from the fact that it helps save space, a beautifully designed unit beautifies your space the more.

Choosing a remote control unit will ensure that you can easily control the fan without having to reach out for the conventional switch.

In this review, we will be introducing you to five of the best high ceiling fans with remote control, identifying their unique features, and why you should get them. This buying guide will help you make the right decision.

Criteria for Selecting High Ceiling Fans with Remote Control

Picking the best high ceiling fans with remote control is easier when you consider factors like:

  • Design: the design of the ceiling fan is one crucial factor that adds to the beauty of your home. Pick one that compliments the painting, and layout of your room, it brings joy.
  • Blades: there are several options when it comes to blades that ceiling fans feature. You can get those with 2, 3, or more. While the number does not significantly influence efficiency, getting those with more blades always helps.
  • Remote control: ensure the unit you are selecting comes with remote control. While you can get a remote control for your existing fan, they are not as effective as buying one with this feature preinstalled, and the remote attached.
  • Quietness: there is no joy in using a high ceiling fan that makes a lot of noise. Ensure it has a totally low and undetectable noise level, this helps you enjoy using the fan without having nightmares.

5 High Ceiling Fans with Remote Control

1. Hyperikon 42 Inch Ceiling Fan

This is one of the high ceiling fans with remote control. This high-quality ceiling fan comes with 5 wooden blades, which makes it more efficient at delivering wool air. The ceiling fan comes with a 55W DC motor, which helps the fan produce 125RPM spin, amazingly it features 2-way rotation.

The fan also has an exceptional 2850 CFM with airflow efficiency of up to 52 CFM/W. The fan also comes with an integrated light kit that features 2 sockets that can accommodate E12 bulbs.

The remote control is one effective tool that helps control this ceiling fan. You can adjust the speed and light of the fan with the remote control.

2. Minka-Aire F896-65-BNW Xtreme Ceiling Fan

This is another quality and one of the best high ceiling fans with remote control function. With the remote control of this fan, you can easily increase and reduce the speed of the fan. You can also use the remote to switch on and off the fan.

The 65 inches fan features 8 blade designs that improve the efficiency of the fan. This fan can be used either as an indoor or outdoor fan.

Apart from being a remote-controlled fan, this fan can also be voice-activated. The design adds more uniqueness to your home. It features brushed nickel and made with metal and plastic.

3. Honeywell 51036 Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan

With this high ceiling fan with remote control in your home, you are bound to enjoy every minute spent indoors. This ceiling fan has a voltage or 120 volts and wattage of 18.5 watts and made with Bronze.

This modern ceiling fan is suitable for use anywhere in your home. It also features an integrated LED, which helps light your room when needed. The remote comes with a 3-speed setting, and it is very easy to use.

This fan is powerful and quiet; as such, you sleep, relax, and rest peacefully without noise. This modern fan features 6 blades.

4. Hykolity 52 Inch Indoor Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

The Hykolity fan is one high ceiling fan with a remote control that delivers the sort of breeze you desire. This ceiling fan features an oil-rubbed bronze finish that complements the design of your home.

This down-rod mount fan has 5 blades that make the fan more efficient. This remote-control fan comes with LED bulbs (2 x 13W). The blades of this fan are reversible and make changing the decoration of the fan easier.

This 52-inch fan comes with a reversible motor, which makes it perfect for use both in the summer and winter, it is known for its energy-saving feature.

5. Honeywell Carmel 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell fan is one of the best high ceiling fans with remote control. This fan featured a brushed nickel finish and made with metal, glass, and wood. The fan has a voltage of 120 volts and has an airflow capacity of 5202 cubic feet per minute.

The remote control of this fan has a 3-speed setting, which includes Smart sync, walk away light delay, and light dimmer. The fan also features a quiet reversible motor that can run both clockwise and anti-clockwise. This 48-inch fan is suitable for use in medium to large-sized rooms.


Getting the best high ceiling fans with remote control is actually as you would have realized. We have left you with 5 of the best high ceiling fans with remote control and provided you with their exceptional features. We have also seen some of the things to look out for when making your selection, we also considered them when picking these products.

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