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How to Choose an Air Conditioning System – HVAC Guide

If you have been shopping for air conditioning, you would have been noticed that there are a lot of systems available in the market or online store.

It always confusing to decide on which type of air conditioner to purchase, how do you understand these various types of air-conditioning to choose the one that fit for your house.

Below are the various air condition and the features with different benefits they entail.

Box or window AC

These are the cheaper air-conditioning available in the market, they are very light and easily transferable, sometimes found in a single room or an apartment. They are always available to open time because they can be affordable for the low budget homeowner that want to make their winter or summer season feel okay and comfortable.

The main problem with this type of air conditioning is that they belittle noisy and no attractive looking. Also, they are for a single room.

Ductless or wall splits AC

Features look of a long thin box that sits on the fence. There is some model that is only available in cooling, but nowadays the majority of them comes in both cooling and heating options.

Likewise, window air con; they can only sustain the room they are placed. They are also cheap but not compare to some, meaning they are still more expensive. They have different brand names which are readily available.

Ducted evaporated AC

One of the best ways to cool your entire home, they are mostly used in a commercial company or factories because of their capacity to cool a large area.

They are actually cheap and not difficult to install. Evaporated cooler only provides cooling solution for the entire home meanwhile they cannot work in moisture weather

Central reverse cycle AC

These types of AC are the best one readily available. It provides entirely both cooling and heating and nit can be control to a specific temperature.

It can function for the whole but they main disadvantages of this type of AC is that they are not made to provide cooling or heating solution for the entire house. they can only heat or cool half of the whole home. They are expensive while installing and running it.

Portable AC/Heater

They are the cheapest available in the stores. But even though they are cheap when purchasing them, they are so expensive to run and provide a little heat to your home.

If you are ready to purchase AC then we believe you can pick the one that will fit your home very well from the list above. What we have listed above will guild you not to make the wrong decision in choosing the perfect AC

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