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How to Replace Your Furnace Air Filter

The furnace air filter is must for the winter season, so as a homeowner if you use furnace heat several times, or maybe you were planning on using it throughout the winter, what is essential for furnace filter is that it need to be replaced regularly.

You don’t have to worry, changing your air filter is easy, and can be understood, but if in case you intend on purchase washable air furnace which can last for about five years, you can CLICK HERE to know more about it.

The primary procedure made by the furnace manufacturer is that air furnace must be replaced every month. Your manual procedure must state the recommendation filter maintenance time if you are confused about the frequency suggestion filter replacement for your heater model.

Whenever it is time to replace your filter, the next step to study the instruction manual procedure to be confident that you are following the right procedure on replacing the screen on your specific model.

Below is the little information to help on replacing your filter;

1. Before you change your filter furnace or perform any filter maintenance, the first procedure you need to follow is to disconnect the power supply if you are using electric supply for your furnace. And in case your Heater is using gas to power up then all you have to do shut down the gasoline connection

2. Also according to your instruction manual procedure. you will Need to find and get to open the furnace blower door. I think if you study your manual very, it will state the exact place your furnace blower door is located and how you will get to open it.

3. As soon as you open the blower door, you will be able to see your furnace filter very well. Then you have to slide out the filter to change it with another one. If any problem arises while you are trying to remove it, then I will still recommend you study your instruction menu very well.

4. The moment you remove the furnace through the blower door, then it should be very effortless to see if the air furnace needs to be replaced or not. The work of the furnace is to remove all the particles and dirt through the air that flow via your heater system. Therefore if your filter is entirely black, then it time to replace it.

After removing it!!! What Next??

5. After you have removed the furnace and you have determined that the furnace need to be replaced. You need to refer back to your manual and check the description given to the old manual to know the exact air furnace to purchase from the local hardware store on online.

Buying the right filters for your heating system is essential. But if are using the washable filter, remove it and wash all the dust and dirt in it, then put it back the exact way you remove it. You can CLICK HERE to know the best washables air furnace for 2019

7. After you purchase new replaceable air furnace, then all you have to do next is to replace the air furnace the exact way you remove, and if you don’t remember how you remove it again, I will recommend you study your instruction manual again.

Please, it’s essential you place the air furnace correctly as the air must past through it, don’t make a little mistake by putting it backward. Some filter model has a directional arrow on it that shows the exact way to insert your filter correctly.

8. When the replacement has been accomplished, you have to close the blower door securely, then you can now reactivate your power or gas connection, and your thermostat must be set in the right temperature

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