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Top 5 Dishwasher Failures you can face as a homeowner

The dishwasher is now must-have household appliances. If you have the right dishwasher, you won’t have to stress yourself and don’t have to worry about the dirty dish in your sink as there will be time for other things you want to do.

However, the dishwasher failure can make life frustrating if they keep having fault every time of few uses. You may not have insight on this but dishwasher failure is very common and dishwasher failure is something that can be repair without having to call the repairman every time.


List of dishwasher failure and how to fix them

Water at the Bottom of the Dishwasher

Water under the dishwasher is one of the common dishwasher failures. This always occurs after you make use for the dishwasher for a few times. Clogging of the drain resulted in this failure of a dishwasher. The water can’t be drained off; it always remains at the bottom. Meat bones, foil, and other items usually cause of clogging the drain.  If you don’t clear off the dishwasher very well before putting your dish inside it. You will always encounter this type of problem. The best way to fix it is to unclog the drain and clean the filter by empty the dishwasher

Dishes Remain Dirty

Sometime when you place all your dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on and doing other stuff, and when you return you discover that all the dishwasher are still dirty. This will make you frustrating, and you will believe that dishwasher is faulty.

The reason why this could happen are clogged hose, nozzle or  sprinkler. To be able to clear out the nozzle or tube, you have to plug out the power supply and empty the water in the dishwasher. Make sure you clean all the holes and rewash your you dishes.

Glasses Remained Stained

You expect your dishes to be gleaming when you put you your dishes and glasses in the dishwasher. In case you find out that your glasses are not shinning, this doesn’t mean that your dishwasher is faulty. Thus can cause by the water used to wash the dishes. If you want to find out what happens, place the glass inside the vinegar for about 5min. If in case the glass become clear and shine, that implies that the causes this is due to the hard water. You can add more washing detergent to guarantee clearer glasses in the future. The problem might also arise due to boiling water or excessive washing detergent utilized

Door Leakage

This is also one of the frustrating dishwasher failures that can make life stressful for user. If there is door leakage in your dishwasher, check if your door completely locks and no dishes is blocking. But if the dishes are very well okay, then that implies that the door is not entirely fit. You can fix this by using the tool to slightly screw or unscrew the bolt till the door is fit. You can also change the rubber around the entrance to solve the issue

Noisy Dishwasher

The noisy dishwasher is also one of the dishwasher failure arise for the homeowner when operating the dishwasher. This noise might be harsh to bear with mostly for calm people. If the dishwasher is damage, it can be causing a lot of noise while it’s running. The perfect way to fix this issue is to perfect the blades and fan very well and replace them if in case they are damaged.

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