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What are the advantages of downdraft gas cooking?

The smell of the food is unavoidable as it would fill the entire air in the kitchen especially after cooking. It does not really constitute a problem initially but as the scent lingers, it would start to irritate and become an unpleasant odor instead, and if you are also frying or grilling smoke may also add to the problem and thereby make the atmosphere airless. Here is where the downdraft gas cooktop becomes very useful.

The standard solution to this particular problem is to install a cooker hood which includes a fan and filter, or a venting system. In this case, the hood draws the odor, steam, and smoke in stopping it from drifting around your home. The problem with this arrangement is that installing a cooker hood is not a visible option for some kitchens. The cooker hood utilizes a lot of space and so will not fit into some kitchen arrangement with a small area. Also, for people that love to beautify their kitchen may consider the cooker hood to be unattractive.

The downdraft gas cooktop provides a solution to this particular solution. It has a powerful fan as a fundamental part of it. The powerful fan allows the cooking smells, steam, smoke to be quickly drawn away even before they have a chance to leave the immediate cooking area. The offending odor is then sent out of the house through a pipe, often out under the floor.

This process goes against nature because of the warm air that carries your food odor want to travel upwards as it is lighter than the cooler air around it. For the downdraft gas cooktop to be capable, the fan that sucks the air must be very powerful, but it must not be too powerful that it will become irritating. In a nutshell, it means downdraft gas cooktop is not ideal for a small kitchen as there is just not enough airflow. The larger kitchen can take downdraft cooktop much better as an increase in space means there is greater air flow around cooking areas.

In conclusion, the downdraft gas cooktop does offer some significant advantages in some specific circumstances where space is limited or where you do not want a cooker hood due to how it may look in your kitchen.

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