Home Appliances Best Adhesive Shelves For Your Bathroom (Ultimate Guide)

Best Adhesive Shelves For Your Bathroom (Ultimate Guide)

As a homeowner, getting the best adhesive shelves for your bathroom is one of the best decisions to make simply because of the benefits and durability. The bathroom shelves can be in many forms.

Entry-level products include, for example, shelves made of melamine wood or laminate. A bit more expensive, plywood shelves make impressive alternative figures because of its relatively lightweight. The upscale lies, of course, in solid wood, strength, and resistance to any test.

It can stay for years without being damaged. Many noble wood species can be used in the manufacture of shelves, such as teak, beech, bamboo, or of course, oak. The bathroom is the wettest room inside the home. Even if some wood is treated, it should be regularly maintained to prevent proliferation. Moisture is also very present in the kitchen.

Below are some of our recommendations:

Best Adhesive Shelves For Your Bathroom

1. BESy Adhesive Bathroom Shower Corner Shelf Shower CHECK ON AMAZON
2. Gricol Bathroom Shower Shelf Triangle Wall Shower Caddy Space CHECK ON AMAZON
3. Bathroom Organizer Rustproof, WhiteCHECK ON AMAZON
4. FURIOUS Bathroom Shower Corner Shelf Combine with Squeegee, Towel Ring and Robe Hooks
5. Adhesive Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar Rack, Shower Caddy CHECK ON AMAZON

How To Choose The Best Adhesive Shelves For Your Bathroom?

There are two main criteria to consider before attaching an adhesive shelf to a tiled wall: the installation cost, and the durability of the shelf. The price depends of course on the composition. A robust wood model, for example, will logically cost more than laminate.

But the same goes for durability: the most robust shelves are also the most upscale. So, you have to make your choice according to your budget, but also according to the quality you want to get from the final result.

In any case, the tiles are one of the least easy-to-work wall coverings. Its adhesion will make it more or less challenging to put your shelves. Whether it is a ceramic tile or a mosaic of tiles, you will need to provide anti-slip tape to prevent the drill bit of your drill glides on its smooth surface.

5 Best Adhesive Shelves For Your Bathroom

1. BESy Adhesive Bathroom Shower Corner Shelf Shower

It has a polished chrome silver finish with a modern design, making it look classy, and due to its style of construction, it is sure to be durable and dependable. It has a premium stainless steel that gives it a shiny, rust-free quality even after daily use. It has a flexible distance with shelf, and it helps you remodel your bathroom storage structure easily.

It has two hooks included, hanging for bathroom accessories such as towels and it is easily removable, you can remove the bath shelf off the wall with a blade, and reinstall in other room by super glue or nails. Dimension: 7.9 × 7.9 × 11.2 Inch (20 × 20 × 28.5 cm).Great gift idea for men, women, mom, home, and family, it is a product you should consider to get someone as a gift.

2. Gricol Bathroom Shower Shelf Triangle Wall Shower Caddy Space

This product is stronger than just the ordinary double-sided adhesive tape and suction cups. Due to its glue, you do not need to worry about how you will not damage your wall, and there is also no need to bother about replacing it when it rusts because it is painted with space Aluminium ensuring the beauty, quality, and longevity which also make it resist daily scratches as well.

It is as easy to install as it is easy to remove only that you will have to wait for 24 hours after installation.

3. Bathroom Organizer Rustproof, White

This product has a unique design that is simple and classic, which creates a remarkable aesthetic and the surface treatment makes it blend perfectly with the room decor. Another unique feature for this product is that you wouldn’t need to drill so you will not have issues with the wall because it comes with a nail-free glue which helps you to mount it on the wall easily.

It is stable, waterproof, and guarantees a long span. It helps conserve space in the bathroom and makes the environment tidier as well, and you don’t need to worry about corrosion because it is rust-proof being painted with aluminum.

4. FURIOUS Bathroom Shower Corner Shelf Combine with Squeegee, Towel Ring and Robe Hooks

This bathroom Shower Shelf does not require drilling which means that you can conveniently fix it on the wall without destroying the wall with nails or whatsoever due to its glue and this indirectly means that your wall will have a smooth surface. Talking about its beauty, it is constructed with aluminum which both ensures beauty or Longevity. You have to ensure that you wait for 48 hours or 72 hours to use so that it will be firm. 

5. Adhesive Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar Rack, Shower Caddy Kitchen Toilet Storage

This adhesive shelf is quite easy to install, with powerful adhesive technology. You need to peel off the protective film of the adhesive, stick it on smooth surfaces, and hang the shelf on the sticker. It is the perfect storage for large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and makeup in your bathroom.

It is sturdy, waterproof, and can hold up to 10lbs with a powerful adhesion system. The corrosion-resistant towel rack is waterproof as well. You can easily detach it based on the design to meet your different needs.

What Are The Steps To Fix A Wall Shelf On The Tile?

•    The first step: take action

Use your measuring tape to measure the difference to be taken into account between the fasteners. Attention, the measurement must be precise. Mark the areas of the tiled wall where the brackets are to be placed. Pay attention that the shelf is correctly positioned about the sink.

Adjust the height according to where you want to stand your mirror. Ideally, it should be at face height, and the shelf should be just below.

•    2. Second step: drill the holes

Take care that the drying of the joints is complete if the installation of the tiles is still recent. Use a tungsten carbide drill, ideal for tiling because it is strong enough. Start with a punch or a prolonged wick rotation at the mark.

This will prevent the rotation of the drill from sliding over the smooth surface of the tiles. You can also cross two pieces of adhesive on which you will have previously reported your measurements.

The adhesive will serve as anti-slip for your drill. A depth stop can be useful, so you do not drill too far and avoid damaging the plaster behind your tiled floor. Drill at limited speed.

•    3. Last step: fix the shelf

Insert the dowels into the holes. Screw the fastening tabs. Warning: if you force too much, you risk cracking the tiles. Screwing must be reliable, but not excessive. Finally, screw the shelf onto its mounting brackets.

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