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Best Hand Towel Holder For The Bathroom

Why should you consider buying the best hand towel holder for the bathroom like a homeowner?

Over time, bathroom interiors have gained a considerable amount of benefits. A modern bathroom should be not only functional but also aesthetic. Henceforth a lot of importance is placed nowadays on the bathroom fittings. Not all people can decorate their homes any way they want to.

Some people are stuck with restrictions because the property they live in it is not theirs. Sadly, some rental policies are stringent and severely limit the decorating one can do in their home.

Sometimes, those who are living in the house are not allowed to alter anything. That means no changing the paint. It also means they may not be able to put a single hole in the wall including one that would do something useful like holding a towel ring in the bathroom. So, if this is your situation what can you do? The good news, there is still an option that lets you have it all.

Product NameImageAmazon
1. Moen DN8486CH Preston Bathroom Towel RingCheck on Amazon
2. Amazon Basics Modern Towel RingCheck on Amazon
3. Moen YB8486CH Weymouth Towel Ring
Check on Amaozn
4. Kohler K-37057-CP Alteo Towel RingCheck on Amazon
5. Grohe 40365001 Essentials Towel RingCheck on Amazon

5 Best Hand Towel Holder For The Bathroom

1. Moen DN8486CH Preston Bathroom Towel Ring

If you are searching for a decent towel ring at a low price, then this is the best shot. It has a reflective appearance, and the concealed screws used in the installation gives it a neater look. Installing it has no hassle if you have a drill and the included screws. You may as well need to have screwdriver alongside which shouldn’t be an issue. Once you install it, be confident that it is firm.

It has a rubber bushing in it which allows the ring to be moved in any desired position and is fixed there without flopping back closer to the wall. This ensures that the washed towels get enough space to dry up.


2. Amazon Basics Modern Towel Ring

This towel ring is among the best hand towel holder for the bathroom and has a beautiful design alongside its not-too-heavy weight, not flimsy. It is held firmly in position by two plastic rings which give room for it to move freely, which saves you from peeping if anyone is removing the towel.

The hardware for installation comes with the package alongside the instructions, but you will need the regular power tools to get it installed. The anchors keep the screws tight to the wall, and it can accommodate any towel of any size.

The users have a complain that the attachment screws tend to loosen up sometimes and you have to tighten it.


3. Moen YB8486CH Weymouth Towel Ring

The design of this towel ring is the right combination of style and function. It comes in three different colors, and its high-quality construction makes it last very long. The way it is assembled, it cannot swing more than 40 degree neither does the ring rub with the base metal due to the plastic metal of the hinge.

It is a little bit expensive, but this accounts for the durability and the fact that all the materials used for it are rust and corrosion-resistant. It is easy to install and a heavy metal bracket, if attached to a stud or with the drywall style screws, will ensure stability. A hidden set of screw attaches the ring to the bracket which is however not visible to give it a neat look.


4. Kohler K-37057-CP Alteo Towel Ring

This towel ring has a sleek design, which makes it look expensive. The full composition is metallic, and it is straightforward to clean. This is modern design and once attached, the stud doesn’t remove.

Once connected to the stud, it doesn’t move. The towel will have enough space to get dried as the ring doesn’t squeeze it all up due to its ample space.

The connection between the central part and the ring is held in place by a tiny matching screw.


5. Grohe 40365001 Essentials Towel Ring

Installing this towel ring seems more like the easiest thing to do. What you need to is to endure you anchor it into a stud for stability. The finish has tremendous resistance against daily scratch and rust.

Although the design makes it look more expensive than it is. It is a perfect product for those who want a large-sized towel ring, and it is made of metal, and the construction is solid.

The central rod is long to an extent, longer so the towels do not touch the wall when wet.

Since they’re relatively new on the market, you may not have seen removable, towel rings before. These are generally lightweight towel rings that are made out of plastic.

Instead of a screw that goes into the wall to hold the base of the ring in place, there is a removable adhesive. The way these piece works is when you initially press it to the wall, it grips tightly.

But, when you want to remove it, you can pull a tab on one end, and as this happens, the adhesive stretches out and weakens. After a little bit of pulling, the adhesive will give way and let you take the towel ring off the wall. Underneath, everything looks the same, just as if you never had the towel ring in place.


Benefits Of Towel Ring

A bathroom cannot be complete without a towel ring. These are one of the essential bathroom accessories. Towel ring is brought to keep the towels.

They are surely racks, usually hung on the wall structure, and are utilized to keep both dry and wet towels. Dry towels can be folded and also held in the ring to enable them to be readily accessed.

Wet towels tend to be spread over the ring for drying. This prevents wet towels from becoming soggy and the succeeding development of molds to them. 

Towel rings may be hung on the wall at approximately a similar height, or you can undoubtedly set up free-standing towel rings on the countertop in a bathroom.

Towel rings and towel ring may also be installed in different locations such as the front or side of a cabinet.

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