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A Best Hard Hat For Small And Large Head [2021 UPDATED]

Individuals who work in a construction site or home appreciate the importance of a hard hat. It provides the surest means of protection for the head against falling objects and other accidents. Besides construction staff, the best hard hat for the small and large head is also an essential piece of protective equipment for those homeowners work inside the home, mining sites and manufacturing/assembly lines.

Through our extensive research, we review 10 best hard hat that is perfectly fit for your head:

  4. Pyramex Full Brim Hard Hat
  6. Occunomix VCB100-06
  7. Lift SAFETY Hard Hat HDF-15NG DAX
  8. Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat
  9. Lift Safety DAX 50 Carbon Fiber Hard Hat
  10. Evolution Deluxe Hard Hat

Standard safety codes and regulations often impose hefty fines and other disciplinary measures against businesses that fail to provide hard hats for workers.

Criteria for selecting the best hard hat for small and large head

There are certain factors to consider before choosing the best hard hat for work. These factors include the following:

The purpose: Your choice of the best hard hat depends on the kind of protection you require. Your hard hat should offer to protect on several levels including against electrical shock and impact forces/loads.

Constituent Material: The core material of the hard hat should be strong enough to withstand the impact of falling objects. The available hard hat materials include polyethene, high-density polyethene, and fibreglass.

Suspension system: Go for hard hats that have suspension systems that distribute the weight of the impact load.

Adjustability: Your best hard hat should come with easy adjustment schemes to cater to varying shapes and head sizes.

Colour Scheme: This requirement goes beyond aesthetics. Instead, go for best hard hats with the appropriate colours denoting the kind of job the hat covers. For instance, green hard hats are for site safety operators, while yellow hats are for general labourers.

Reviews Of Best Hard Hat  For Small And Large Head


The manufacturers of the MSA 458702 place a high premium on service delivery and performance. They execute rigorous tests under radiant heat to ensure the durability of their hard hats. However, beyond durability and protection, this best hard hat delivers on comfort and style.

This comfortability is a direct result of the Staz-On Suspension System. This system makes it easier to adjust the fit of the strap while also guaranteeing comfort. The MSA incorporates a phenolic design, which is an innovative technology that makes it significantly stronger when compared to traditional plastic.

The other compelling features of this best hard hat includes:

  1. This best hard hat is ANSI/CSA Type I Compliant. It protects from vertical impacts and penetrations.
  2. The MSA is ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 (Class G) Compliant. Wearers enjoy dielectric protection up to 2,200 volts.


Construction staff work at ease when they put on the KaiWorld Shop fibreglass hard hat. This best hard hat comes with many impressive features. A notable one is the Fast-Trac ratchet-style suspension system. This exclusive design simplifies the process of strapping the hard hat and makes it effortless to take it off.

The ratchet-style suspension also affords wearers a quick adjustment for a comfortable, customizable fit. This best hard hat also carries the CoolAir Flow, a  technology that encourages air circulation to prevent the head from too much sweating. There is also a full brim, which keeps the rain out of the face and back.


The toughness of this hard hat is one of its best attractions, guaranteeing the wearer both protection and durability. This toughness stems from the incorporation of ABS thermoplastic resin in the hat’s material. In comparison to its peers in the market, the Ridgeline is 10 percent lighter, although durability /performance remains the same.

This best hard hat for small and large head also offers excellent protection electrical accidents. It features a  low-profile design. This ergonomic design provides the user with better coverage, especially as a protection from the glare of the sun.

The Pyramex Safety Ridgeline also receives plaudits for its Ratchet suspension. The system is easy to adjust allows the wearer to modify the fit while wearing a hard hat.

4. Pyramex Full Brim Hard Hat

From the Pyramex stable, comes another stellar contender for a best hard hat for a small and large head. The Full brim hard hat comes from quality engineering and technology. For starters, consider the material of this hard hat. It comprises mainly high-density polyethylene.

This material ensures that the Full brim features as one of the lightest in the market. The polyethylene also confers strength, durability, and performance on the hat. The presence of a full brim around the helmet provides the protection that you need from the sun and the rain.

The hat’s ratchet suspension system is noteworthy. The system allows the wearer to achieve high comfort levels while using the hat.


You can turn to the Honeywell fibre metal hard hat for safety and performance at work

For starters, the Honeywell comes with an innovative eight-point suspension system. This system gives the hard hat versatility, available for people with varying head sizes. The Honeywell features a resin material that gives it strength and durability as well as weightlessness.

The resin material also ensures that this hard hat is not susceptible to scratching, peeling, and chipping. An innovative terry fabric sweatband ensures the user is comfortable at peak work temperatures.

6. Occunomix VCB100-06

Are you looking for a good-looking hard hat? Choose the Occunomix VCB100-06. It has a cowboy-style design, and comes in four different colours. No matter what colour you choose, this versatile hard hat looks good on a bright sunny day and a wintry afternoon.

The product provides you UV protection and has an extra-wide brim. The wide brim is specifically meant for giving the user ample of shade from the sun. The cotton terry sweatband in the front is a USP!

6. Lift SAFETY Hard Hat HDF-15NG DAX

The LIFT Safety Hard hat is meant for durability. No matter what the weather is, this hard hat will give you shade and the much-needed protection from strenuous tasks.

If it is a super sunny day, the moisture-wicking foam will absorb all the sweat inside the hat.

It has an eight-point suspension system which enhances the overall comfort. It also provides impact protection.

7. HDPE Hydro Dipped Hard Hat

The full brim style of hat is very much in demand. The product is specially designed for ultimate protection and comfort. The HDPE hydro dipped hard hat is known for its super cool airflow design.

The product is sturdy, and the meets all the requirements of top impact helmet (type 1). If you are looking for a hat that sustains through all the wear and tear, this one is a good pick.

8. Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

The Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat by Pyramex Safety has a ratchet system which is easy to adjust. The 4-point suspension system can be easily upgraded to a 6. The product has been made from a special ABS material, and it lives up to the ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards.

Available in a number of colours, this hard hat is not just good-looking, but it offers the necessary protection during work hours. The soft brow pad and suspensions are replaceable. Additionally, it provides better coverage to the user.

Working on a construction site or even a DIY project requires you to take ample protection. This head gear is necessary!

9. Lift Safety DAX 50 Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

Here’s a stylish-looking hard hat that not just makes you look cool, but offers true comfort and protection. For additional comfort, the hat has a six-point suspension system.

The foam-backed microfiber liner is meant for reducing sweat on a hot sunny day.

The product also contains an EVA foam insert that absorbs shock efficiently. Overall, it is a truly efficient product.

10. Evolution Deluxe Hard Hat

Available in five different colors, the Evolution Deluxe Hard hat has a wheel ratchet that gives you a comfortable and snug fit. The full brim offers additional protection to the user.

The product has a six-point suspension system along with textile straps made of polyester. The Evolution Deluxe shell is constructed with the use of HDPE.

It is worth the purchase simply because of its snug fit, protection, and quality construction.

Why Do You Need to Wear a Hard Hat

Hard hats are essential for your construction sites and other risky environments for various reasons. All of these reasons are also serving as the advantages of wearing a hard. these reasons are explained below;

  • Visibility: wearing a hat is considered a part of high visibility work clothes and is one of the best ways for the construction foremen to know exactly where the workers are at all times. High visibility is the reason behind the hard hats brightly coloured.
  • Impact Protection: there are construction sites or some situation at home that require workers or homeowners to work in some dangerous situation, although they are making use of the tool that are securing them. However, they still needed a hard hat for full protection of uncertainty. If they were to hit their head on one of their cross members, it would leave a nasty bruise. Therefore, wearing a hard hat protects workers from any blunt impacts.
  • Protection against electrocution: some types of hard hats protect against electricity. This indicates that if workers wear a hard hat and it bruises against a live wire unknowing, the specific worker will only get jolted with thousands of volts of electricity. Wearing a hard hat in the construction site protection against the risk of fatal head injuries from an incident that occurs. This is the reason why hard aluminium hats that were the norm a couple of decades ago are no longer accepted in most construction sites.

How To Maintain Your Hard Hat

Hard hats are designed in such a way that they are very durable and provide protection against injuries in the construction site or when using it at home may be working in your garage. But it requires to be clean at least once a week to give it proper maintenance.

To clean your hard hat, all you have to do is remove the suspension from the hard hat then take the tabs from the hat shell. After that], you can now soap the suspension and the shell in the with a detergent.

Make use of soft-bristled brush very well to scrub the suspension and the hat shell to take out dirt, oil, and grime as much as possible.

When you are done, then you can hang them outside to dry. Put the shell and the suspension back to their place and start using it again.

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