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Best Keyless Door Lock for Rental Property

Many property owners are tired of switching keys to their apartment regularly, but with the best keyless door lock for rental property, they can get rid of this headache. Security of property is the number one reason why many go for keys on their doors.

There are several reasons why you may need to change the lock, and this makes you spend more. You can address that issue when you make use of keyless door locks.

In this review, we will explore 5 of the best keyless door locks for rental property. We will also identify some factors that are essential if you will pick the best lock.

Criteria for Selecting Best Keyless Door Lock for Rental Property

To help you select the best keyless door lock for rental properties, here are some factors to consider.

  • Mode of operation: what’s the mode of operation for this door? Will it be dependent on electricity? What happens during a power outage? Choosing one that works with or without power is the best option for you.
  • Security features: will this key really stop people from getting into your apartment? Weak locks leave your home unsecured. Go for keys that are hard to unlock or pick, this gives you maximum control over your property. Ensure the option you are picking comes with the latest technology.
  • Door size and design: before you pick a specific lock or key, you need to consider if they will work well for your door. Not all door types can use the keyless lock, but professionals can help you ascertain if keyless locks can work on your rental apartment.
  • Frequency of use: if the door will be used frequently, go for the high-end locks. They will survive frequent usage.

5 Best Keyless Door Lock for Rental Property

1. Kwikset 99380-002

This door lock is arguably one of the best keyless door locks for rental property. This smart door is Wi-Fi enabled, the Wi-Fi connects to the home network for effective operation.

One of the reasons why this door lock is suitable for rental property is the fact that you can easily create 250 unique user codes for all tenants using the property. As the property owner, you will continually receive notifications on the activities of your door and its history.

As a voice assistant option, this door lock works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

2. Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lever Lock

As one of the best keyless door locks for rental property, this unit comes with a smart lock, fingerprint, code, smartphone unlock, etc. The fingerprint comes with an advanced fingerprint identification which makes operation easier.

The anti-peep touch keyboard helps make protecting your lock easier. This lock comes with a reversible handle which is also waterproof. The smart keyless lock features a long battery life that makes monitoring your rental door easier.

The smart lock door is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed doors. The door lock comes with a design that is built to match your home aesthetic.

3. Kwikset 99390-004

Your search for the best keyless door lock for rental property has been successful when you pick this door lock. As a smart door, this Wi-Fi-enabled door can easily connect to your Wi-Fi network or smartphone for its operation.

The lock allows you to set up to 250 user codes, this makes it suitable for rental properties. The Smart key security ensures your rental property is free from break-in and makes locking your door within seconds easier. Additionally, the voice assistant feature is designed to work well with Amazon Alexa and google assistant.

4. AIGURD Fingerprint Door Lock

This is another top option when you are searching for the best keyless door lock for rental property. This is one of the best 3-in-1 keyless smart doors in the world. This door allows you to set up to 200 users id, making it perfect for rental property.

You can also set temporary lock codes for visitors and frequent customers. This smart door lock comes with an irreversible left-handed handle, which is made of high-quality material. The door is very easy to install and set up. This lock also supports temporary open mode which can be used when you have a lot of visitors in your home.

5. All-Weather Double Keypad Mechanical Keyless

This is one dual keypad lock suitable for 2-way security. In terms of reliability, this is the best keyless door lock for rental property. This mechanical door makes securing your home easier. The lock has an independent keypad programming which makes using code and not using code easier.

The installation of this lock is easier for experts, and a bit hard for beginners. With the guide that follows the lock, installation becomes easier. This lock also features the Quick code mode which is designed to make changing the code easier and faster.


Rather than changing keys on your rental apartment regularly, choosing the best keyless door lock for rental property is the best option. This article has provided four essential factors to put into consideration when making your selection. We have also explored 5 of the best keyless door locks for the rental property you should buy.

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