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Best Master lock for Storage Unit [RECENTLY UPDATED]

Privacy, a very important human construct, is probably on the verge of extinction, considering how this century has shaped up. Most people nowadays struggle to keep private information secure due to the more open nature of the world today. You, however, don’t need to struggle with this, as all you need to keep your documents and personal effects safe is a master lock. Getting the best master lock for the storage unit can be daunting, but we are ready to help you navigate those waters.

The usefulness of a master lock for your storage unit should not be overlooked, as it is required for security and safekeeping.

Our selected best Master locks for a storage unit are;

  1. Ingersoll 10
  2. Abloy Protec 2 PL 362
  4. Medeco M3 Shrouded Padlock
  5. Abloy PL 342T

Criteria for choosing the Best Masterlock for Storage Unit

  • Cost

If nobody wants to spend a fortune on getting the best lockout, there is Paramount, as it would help keep your valuables safe. Putting a price on your privacy and security may not be wise, so getting the best lock is important irrespective of the cost.

  • Hasp size

The hasp of your storage unit is what the padlock’s shackle secures unto. The hole in the hasp must be big enough to accommodate the padlock’s shackle. This is an important criterion to be taken seriously to avoid buying a lock that will not fit properly into the storage unit

  • Storage Unit Location

Another important criterion, location, introduces various factors, from considering if the lock is indoors or outdoors to wondering if your neighborhood has a high or moderate crime rate. Your budget for a padlock might need to increase to accommodate the high burglary risk for the storage location.

Five best master locks for storage unit

1. Ingersoll 10

The best storage lock on the market, it has all you need is the ideal storage lock. From a thick lock body, a thick shackle, non-descript and non-ostentatious outlook.

 This lock, although expensive, provides undeniable quality and, if it can successfully fit your storage unit, can make it almost as impenetrable as a fortress.

A top choice, this master lock is highly sought after in the market as it provides maximum security.

2. Abloy Protec 2 PL 362

This Abloy Protec 2 gives you a thick shackle and lock body, almost about a 5mm addition of solid steel.

This lock provides incredible security and is almost 4 inches tall; it is over an inch wide and has a half-inch shackle, all constructed from hardened steel. The chrome-finished body and size make it obvious to spot and harder to crack open.

Its major selling point is its raw strength and resistance to being picked or pried.


This lock is one of the most secure locks regarding pick resistance. This mechanical and security marvel uses a magnetic key system and key pins.

The shackle and lock body is almost impenetrable, constructed entirely from a steel alloy. This lock has a sense of discreetness, as there is no branding on the lock body. It is high-security and easily flies under the radar in certain environments, making it a great choice, especially for publicly displayed storage units.

4. Medeco M3 Shrouded Padlock

This product is from a company trusted by people. Most people believe Medeco makes the best locks explaining why this product is on our list.

It has a lock core that is difficult to pick, as its boron alloy can resist forceful entry. This lock is designed to be weather-resistant, making it perfect for the outdoor environment. It also possesses steel inserts within the lock core deflecting drilling attacks.

This high-security lock is a top pick as its weather-resistant body makes it versatile for most users.

5. Abloy PL 342T

The Abloy 342 is a top storage lock. Possessing a thick shackle, its shroud is a continuous length of metal from the padlock’s body.

Motorcycles and large machinery can be chained up and locked with the storage unit for added security.

It has an extremely secure core, which can resist most forms of covert entry. Bump keys are ineffective on this lock, as the discs inside need to be rotated, not elevated.

This formidable lock, possessing a 10mm shackle and a 25 mm lock body, has a good weight and can hold up to a degree of weathering when exposed to the elements.

What To Know Before Purchase Master Locks For Your Storage Units

Point 1

if you have been looking for a master lock that will provide maximum security within your budget. Numerous master locks are readily available in the marketplace, which is easy to choose from. Stay away from looking at locks that have a combination to them. They can be easier to use since you don’t require a key. Nevertheless, it will be just as easy for thieves to try to break into.

Point 2

You would like to try to find high-strength materials such as stainless and treated steel. Inexpensive locks may be pried or pulled, causing a security breach. Therefore, stick to choosing locks meant for storage units and garages. They provide the highest security and proper protection.

Point 3

Ensure you adjust your locks regularly once you see rust or the lock breaking down. Replace the lock with another one. A lock that breaks down is easier to enter for thieves and less user-friendly for yourself. Because of this, an excellent general guideline is to replace locks every 2-3 years.


The best master lock for a storage unit will always do the trick for you, it gives a great sense of security to you as an individual, so you should pay attention to the details above to save you the stress of navigating through the market without course. The above guidelines are a simplified way of getting your best master lock for a storage unit.

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