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Best Pellet Stove For 1200 Sq. Ft. and 1500 sq. Ft

Nowadays, the rate of people requesting for the best pellet stove for 1200 sq. Ft. and 1500 sq. Ft is increasing every day, and the manufacturer is coming out with different designs.

Therefore, it can be tricky to find the best pellet stove that best fits your room and sufficient enough and provide the heat that is needed for your interior as a homeowner.

One of the benefits of getting the pellet stove for your interior is that it is very economical in terms of consumption and effectiveness. In this review article, we will review the five best pellet stoves for 2000 sq. Ft and the criteria to get the right one in the market.

The Criteria for Choosing the Best Pellet Stoves For 1200 Sq. Ft. and 1500 sq. ft

Features: before you decide to get any pellet as a homeowner, it is very crucial to know the characteristics of the pellet stove you intend to buy. Is it easy to operate? Does it have a low impact on the environment? All of these are very important before purchasing your pellet stove.

Location: Buying a pellet stove that fits the right position for excellent heat distribution is very important. Always put in mind that the diffusion of heat in the room depends mostly on where you will place your stove. Therefore, before you decide to get your pellet stove, you have to know the right location to put it to get the right one that best fi the place.

Pellet stove size:  Although the physical size of the stove you buy will always be an essential consideration, especially if you have limited space, it is the production of heat that matters. If the pellet stove has a low heat output, it will not be able to heat the room effectively.

Optional features: Just like any other appliance, pellet stoves are categorized into high-end models and basic models. The difference is in the elements. Some features are fundamental to the design of the pellet stove, but it’s the optional features that make all the difference.

Cost:  the prices of pellet stoves vary depending on the model, as well as the features included in the stove. When you get these stoves, you can expect a range of 700 to 3000 dollars. This makes them a little more expensive compared to conventional stoves. However, this cost will always be offset by the quality provided.

5 Best Pellet Stove for 1500 sq. ft

1. Englander 1,500 sq. ft. Pellet Stove

Choosing the right heat coverage for your space is important and Englander provides you with this amazing pellet stove with 1500 square feet coverage. It is EPA certified, WA State approved and meets with the UL and ULC standard.

This pellet stove is stylishly designed with a steel satin black body matched with a contrasting trim to fit into your room décor without causing contraction. It features an outside air hook for fuel combustion, double cast auger feed system and a digital-friendly user control panel. The hopper has a 40-pound hopper capacity and included is a service and operation DVD to help you set up and enjoy the smooth running experience.

2. Castle Pellet Stoves 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove with Smart Controller

This is a well-known pellet stove which cannot go unmentioned when talking about the best pellet stove for 1500 square feet. It has a modern control panel that takes this pellet stove beyond its common functionality. The smart controller provides you with several control options.

It allows you to choose manual or thermostat modes with five burn levels. It also has weekly operational modes to help you schedule different heating options. It also has a calendar and time heating option.

It has a 69.8 per cent thermal efficiency, it is also an easy to clean model with no hidden chambers and no tubes.

3. Pelpro Pellet Stove – 35,000 BTU, Model Number PP60

The Pelpro PP60 Pellet Stove is another amazing pellet stove with 1500 square feet coverage. It provides a high-efficiency operation which utilizes less fuel and provides maximum heat. It features a 60-pound hopper with a 40-hour burn capacity.

It is one of the best pellet stoves on the market with a 35000 BTU heating power, stylishly designed with single dial control for ease of use and adjustable heat convenience. It also comes with an inbuilt thermostat and a blower for easy cleaning. It is a power-saving stove perfect for giving your room the desired warmth and cosy atmosphere.

4. Summers Heat 55-SHP10 Pellet Stove 1,500 Square Foot

Amazon.com: Summers Heat 50-SHSSW01 Smartstove Wood Stove 2,000 ...

This is another well-known brand when it comes to giving your room the desired warmth. The Summers Heat 55-SHP10 Pellet Stove provides you with a 1500 square feet heat coverage with an auto-ignition technology. It is masterfully crafted with heavy-duty steel for reliability and durability.

This sturdy stove pellet features a 40-pound hopper with a 20 hour burn time. It has heavy-duty cast iron doors with a high-temperature ceramic glass design which has a self-cleaning air technology, and a digital control board for adjusting blower speed and heat range. This does not come with its own thermostat but is thermostat adaptable.

5. Timber Ridge Pellet Stove – 42,000 BTU, Model# 55-TRP10

This is a free-standing pellet stove with a stylish black finish designed with the best technology to provide you with the desired heat for your room. Timber Ridge Model# 55-TRP10 has a 42000 BTU heating power that covers 1500 square feet. It is trusted to give your room continued warmth and a cozy feel.

It features an auto-ignition that begins heating up your room with the push of a button. It is easy to use and install pellet stove with an outdoor air kit for airflow; it has a cast iron door with a glass window and helps in economizing pellets.

Best pellet stoves for 1200 sq. ft

6. King Pellet 48,000 BTU Stove with Igniter and Exhaust Blower

The King Pellet Model 5500 is manufactured by the United States Stove Company, a brand name that has been around for decades and prides itself on providing warmth to several homes no matter the cold climate.

The King Pellet combines your traditional stove with modern technology to give you an easy to use pellet stove with a design that fit perfectly into any room. It is a small pellet stove for heating up to 1200 square feet. It is designed to ensure safety for small spaces as there is no smoke spillage with this pellet stove.

It has a 48000 BTU per hour heat capacity with a hopper that can carry up to one hundred and fifty pounds of wood pellet for prolonged heating time. It also has a 200 CFM with an automatic circulation blower which ensure even heat circulation and a negative draft exhaust blower that pulls flue through and out to ensure smoke does not leak into the room at any time.

The user interface is another high point of this small pellet stove; it has an LED display with built-in diagnostics and an auto-ignition feature; It has nine different heat settings for keeping your room in the perfect temperature for each heat preference and It is also built with a new digital control board that allows you adjust the heat and draft in your room with the push of a button. The awesome craftsmanship makes this one of the Best pellet stoves for 1200 square feet.

7. Pleasant Hearth 1,200 Sq. Ft. Small Mobile Home Stove

With a 1200 square feet room, heating can get a little tricky because you do not want a room that is too toasty or too drafty. Pleasant Hearth Small Mobile Home Stove is dedicated to giving you the desired heat coverage your room requires. With small spaces, you have to consider safety first and this pellet stove comes with all required approvals; it is Omni tested, EPA certified and mobile home use approved with the emission of 5.1 grams per hour.

It is compact with a dimension of 31½ inch x 22½ inch by 22½ inch with a total weight of two hundred and seventy-seven pounds which is a bit heavy but compared to others can be moved around without too much hassle. This Mobile Home Stove burns between six to eight hours per fuelling and has a 50000 BTU heating capacity for the best heating experience.

It features a pedestal base, a push and pull draft control lever under ash lip and fits into a six-inch stove pipe. Its stylish design also makes it one of the popular names in every home as it easily fits into your room décor and can connect to every standard six inches chimney. It has a brick-lined firebox and a ceramic glass window which gives you a comforting view of what is going on in your stove.

Cleaning is made easy with its air wash system with a variable speed blower included. It comes with a five-year warranty and an air intake kit which is sold separately.

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