Home Appliances Best pellet stoves for 2000 sq. Ft (Recently Updated)

Best pellet stoves for 2000 sq. Ft (Recently Updated)

Have you been searching for the best pellet stoves perfect for 2000 sq. Ft?

Generally, as a homeowner, we have several ways to warm our interior during the winter.  But for better interior warming, a pellet stove is considered to be perfect because of its efficiency, performance, or even aesthetics. And nowadays, different pellet stoves innovation comes with varying features in the market.

Therefore, to make it easier for every homeowner, we have reviewed the five best pellet stoves for 2000  sq. Ft to help you reduce your heating expenses. One of the reasons to get pellet stoves for your interior heating is their low impact on the environment.

Criteria for choosing the best pellet stoves for 2000  sq. Ft

Sometimes, getting the bright pellet stove can be tricky if you never get one before, especially when the models offer a modern and attractive appearance. Because of this, we will expound on the critical feature to consider when buying your pellet stove. These buying guides will incorporate performance, usage, and the standard related to the stoves.

The performance

Before you decide on the pellet stove to buy and compare them, the first step you have to take is to know the exact heating requirement you need for your home. That’s why the performance of the pellet stove is significant because it is the performance that will bring the satisfaction you desire while using it vat your home. Therefore, do a few calculations first before trying to make a decision on which pellet stove to buy.

You should calculate the device in terms of power and efficiency.  The best way to know the right power is by using 1Kw per 1 m. Also, the yield of the pellet stove must be more significant, and all of these conditions are needed to know the right radiator for your home.


This is an essential criterion, and it comes with several possibilities. This phase deals with the exact location where the pellet stove will be installed and how it must be studied to get the best one. There are many options and ways to go with this. Therefore it is recommended to conduct more research on it to study the different manipulation you plan to do with your pellet stove.

The first step is to do the measurement of the exact location of your future pellet stove, then select the right device size for the location in which you have chosen. If in case you would like to control the object remotely, it is recommended to choose models with such technologies.


Just like different home appliances in the market, the pellet stove also requires a standard related to respect for the environment and safety because a stove is likely to be exposed to the risk of fire and burns. Therefore, to get the right pellet stove with all the excellent benefits that come with it, make sure you check if the pellet stove has the label call Green Flame. This will prove its quality and its safety for the environment.

This label indicates that the volume of harmful gases produced by the device will come in small quantities, and the same is true for dust. After you have considered all the detail listed above, then you can start the price comparison and get the right pellet stove for the interior.

5 Best Pellet Stove for 2000 Sq. Ft

1. Napoleon TPI35 Pellet Stove Insert

The Napoleon TPI35 Pellet Stove Insert is an innovative and stylish stove designed to fit perfectly into any room with a heat coverage of 2000 square feet. It features a Timberwolf economizer Pellet insert which provides up to 38250 BTUs of heating power, a 45-pound hopper capacity, long-lasting compressed pellet fuel and offers a 30-hour burn time.

It is stylishly designed with a sleek Pyroceram high-temperature ceramic glass door with air wash. Its 120 CFM convection fan ensures even and quick heat distribution around the room. It has thermostatic control and flashing with black trim.

2. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 Apricot

Another pellet stove to make our list of the best pellet stove for 2000 sq. ft is the Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 Apricot; it is sleek and efficient with an Apricot finish which gives it a decorative and functional look.

It provides 50000 BTUs of heat with seventy-three percent burn efficiency. It also features an auto-ignition technology with a programmable thermostat which allows you to control how much heat you want; a 55-pound hopper, ash pan and a remote control. Maintenance of this pellet stove is easy, and parts are readily available to ensure long use and come with a one-year warranty.

3. US Stove Company US GW1949 Wiseway Non-Electric Pellet Stove, Black

This is another one of the best pellet stoves for 2000 sq. ft on our list. It is a PA-certified nonelectric pellet stove with a feed system that utilizes natural gravity to ensure minimum maintenance and durability. It provides 40000 BTUs of heating power, a 60-pound hopper, which gives the room up to 36 hours of heat.

This pellet stove is EPA certified and is UL listed with no need for electricity. It combines style and practicality with its standard 3-inch pellet venting that is used to control the temperature simply by opening the vent on the front of the stove.


Breckwell Sonora SP23 Freestanding Pellet Stove - SP23

The Breckwell Sonora Sp23 or P23 Wood Pellet Stove is a free standing wood pellet stove with a stunning matte black door, black cowl, a large ash tray and a pedestal. It has a 42000 BTUs with 2000 square feet coverage and comes with auto ignition.

It also features an LED key pad control electronically powered, a ready thermostat and a 55 pound hopper bin. It is designed with a stepped top arrangement technology which gives you more room for storing pellets and five heat range operating speeds. You are also provided with the option of getting additional kits like the brick wall panel kit, Gold or Brushed Nickel door, leg kit and the log kit.

5. Comfortbilt HP21-SS Pellet Stove

This is another model of pellet stove from Comfortbilt with over 2000 square feet coverage to make our list. This brand is known for its sleek and stylish designs and the Comfortbilt HP21-SS model does not disappoint. It features a trim stainless steel door with a large bay view window which provides you with a comforting picture of the burning pellets.

Its gives 40000 BTUs heating power and has a 78.8 percent burn efficiency, it has a programmable thermostat, 40 pound hopper capacity, ash pan and an auto ignition. This product comes with a one year parts warranty and the option of technical assistance upon purchase.

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