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Best Wireless Keypad For Garage Door [2023 UPDATED]

Have you been looking for the best wireless keypad for the garage door?

A garage door keypad is one of the best things technology has brought to life because it makes living life easy. You go out every day with your car, and after a long day, you do not need to get down from the car to open your garage, what a garage door keypad brings to you is the comfort of controlling your garage door by sitting in the comfort of your car.

To enjoy this without stress, you will need to go for the best ones in the market, and this is why you should strive to get the best wireless keypad for the garage door.

Read further to understand the criteria needed for choosing the best keypad for the garage door on the market.

Best Wireless Keypad For Garage Door

Product Name Amazon
1. Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Universal Garage Door KeypadCheck on Amazon
2. Liftmaster 877max Wireless Keyless Entry SystemCheck on Amazon
3. Genie Wireless Keyless KeypadCheck on Amazon
4. Universal 387LM Keyless EntryCheck on Amazon
5. MARANTEC Garage Door OpenerCheck on Amazon

Criteria To Select the Best Wireless Keypad for Garage door

  • Safety

The product’s safety control is one to keep in heart as you would want to get the product that offers the best safety features in terms of the security code and how hard it is to get authorization to your product of choice.

  • Battery life

Be sure the battery life of the product you are getting is going to last you very well and it doesn’t want faster.

  • Durability

Pay attention to this so that you will have a long-lasting product in your hand. Durability in terms of rain and water splash should also be considered.

5 Best Wireless Keypads for Garage door

1. Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Universal Garage Door Keypad

This an imported device that is readily compatible with any standard brand of garage doors and it just makes life easy for you.

This keypad works fine with all sensors and it also comes with standard safety sensors, additionally, the device has a backlit that can open any time of the night and it has the option of 4 digit security code.

This product is built with smart technology and it is easy to program while the device also recognizes frequencies. The design is in such a way that it has a sliding cover that will prevent rain from entering the device and it uses a 9-volt battery to power up the keypad.

Overall this is a lightweight design and can work on 99.9% wireless garage door as advertised by the manufacturers

2. Liftmaster 877max Wireless Keyless Entry System

This is a top tier device because it leaves you with the ease of opening and closing your door just by using the keypad. It works with code that brings added security to your home.

This product has a backlit that makes it easy for the user in night, and it has no compatibility issue as it is able to work with all types of garage doors. It offers a 2.0 rolling code technology in terms of security.

To power this device, you will need to get a 9-volt battery and there is an advantage to this as it can take temporary security codes for your friends and visitors. Overall, it comes with an easy-to-understand manual, and the ease of use of this product is top-notch.

3. Genie Wireless Keyless Keypad

This superb work of tech is operated using dual-frequency, in the case of interference this device can work with alternative frequencies. The frequency mode it works with is 315MHZ and 390MHZ respectively.

This device is great because it can control up to 3 garage doors and this is as a result of the flexibility brought by the dual-frequency operation.

The product’s keypad can work with intellicode 1 technology and it comes with a keypad backlit and flip cover. You can use this on all garage doors that have been working since the year 1996, and the security system is superb because it works with 4 digit code. The rolling code digit feature helps to change code all times which makes it hard for unauthorized people to access it.

Overall, the product is supplied with batteries, but be advised to have an extra pair of batteries

4. Universal 387LM Keyless Entry

This product can handle all forms of garage door openers, and this comes with the advantage of working with multiple frequencies ranging from 300, 310, 372, 390 MHZ. This makes the product able to handle any frequency. Additionally, this product works fine with all brands.

The device requires no remote control or wire to operate, and it works with 2 AA batteries, and you can easily program the device and operate it.

It has a timer that can be set for 7 minutes and you will love the rolling code experience as it comes with 4 digits code suggestions. You can get this product at a decent price.

5. MARANTEC Garage Door Opener

You can use this product with a remote controller of M3-2312, M3-2314, and M33313. This product is presented with screws, batteries and it has a metal surface.

It comes with an easy-to-understand manual and the timer feature can go on for about 3 minutes. The frequency compatibility is 315 MHZ additionally you will love the stylish look of the keypad.

It offers control of about three garages and it has a backlight that helps in the dark.

Finally, this product allows you to use four digits code and it is really impossible to hack this product.

3 Advantages to a Garage Door Keypad

A garage door keypad performs like a digital key for your garage. Like the wireless “clicker” that trips along with you in the automobile, the new digital keypad electronically transmits the “open sesame” and “down please” codes to your garage doorway opener. Here are three benefits of setting up a garage door keypad in your house:

1. Safety

No parent wants their kid standing upright outside their locked house with no key. Just as much as Mom and Dad may preach, kids continue to be kids, and keys get lost. A keypad at your garage entrance offers the answer. Enter the digits, and the garage door opens.

2. Convenience

Keyrings appear to develop like backyard weeds. Car keys, house keys, and office keys incorporate to fill your pocket, so they’re not always welcome. The digital keypad provides the convenience of walking the dog, or visiting a neighbor or the neighborhood pool without that crucial irritating ring.

3. Cost

Larger families with several cars could save on clickers—not to mention lost clickers and clicker battery upkeep. A keypad at the garage door resolves this multi-car issue.


The best wireless keypad for a garage door is a very nice device to get for your garage as it helps to simplify your way of life. Find the one that best suits you with the list of our top picks and continues to enjoy a blistering time with your garage door.

To bring the best out of this product so it will work fine with your garage door, make sure you have good rollers on your garage door, and it is well lubricated.

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