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How Long Do Natural Gas Boilers Last?

Majority of the home owners want a precise answer to the following question

How long do natural gas boilers last?

Before we answer this question, it is important to understand what a gas boiler is.

The gas boiler is a closed vessel where water is stored. By burning fuel (coal in most cases), hot gas is produced. These mechanisms are continually heating water.

There are different types of boilers available in the market. The gas boiler originally burns gas fuel in order to heat water of your home. This way you will get a constant flow of hot water! It is much-needed in colder months. And why just colder months? There are many cold areas where hot water is needed throughout the year.

Since we are talking about natural gas boilers, you must know that there is an LPG boiler too. But, the natural gas boilers get fed via an underground network.

The Benefits Of Investing In a Natural Gas Boiler

A gas boiler is cheaper as compared to the electric one. The majority of the homes in United Kingdom rely on gas boilers. These are extremely popular in most of the countries.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient source, the natural gas boiler will be ideal.

How Long Will It Last? – The Million Dollar Question

The average life expectancy of a natural gas boiler is 15 years. Hold that thought! That is just an average number. We find that many people bought a boiler and it lasts more number of years.

If you compare a boiler with a furnace, the former one will be a better option. Why?

Boilers would need fewer repairs and it also cuts down the overall energy costs. Even though the average is 15 years, but people have been using them for more than 30 years too. It depends on how well maintained it is.

Look at the mechanism of a furnace. It has too many parts that require tweaking. But, the boiler is an uncomplicated heating system.

Despite everything, there will be a time when your boiler would need replacement.

Make sure you service your natural gas boiler annually to keep it running smoothly. Boilers, especially the electrical ones, will be good to go for about 8-10 years. But, the natural gas boilers, are much more efficient and have a long life expectancy.

It also depends on where you are buying it from. Some brands offer a high-quality product that lasts for 20 years or more.

The number of years it sustains depends on the brand you choose and how well you take care of the product.

The only danger is corrosion. You can add some chemicals to the system to keep corrosion at bay. It all boils down to how much you are paying for the gas boiler!

As a wise buyer, read the reviews and ratings before choosing a product. Ideally, look for something that lasts long and offers warranty.

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