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Radiant Floor Heating Water VS Boiler

When you think of heating your floor, the two ultimate choices that come to your mind are a boiler or a radiant floor heating water. If you are confused with both options like many other people are – don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Which is the best pick?

Radiant floor heating water systems have many comparative advantages over a boiler. Let’s have a sneak-peek into them below:


You must have the idea that Radiant floor heating water systems are much cheaper as compared to boilers. Although it is a relatively cheaper option yet still, we do not recommend that you use any heating device that is low quality. While cost is an important thing to consider while you shop for things yet many other factors might also contribute to your decision-making process therefore, we have enlisted some for your convenience to compare among both options.


Radiant floor heating systems are often more convenient as they require just a device and hot water circulating pump to work.  

Boiler installation costs are expensive. First, you have to locate the mechanism/boiler. Then, you need to dress the boiler. Then, the feed and return process starts. In total, there are six steps to follow.

Both of them have high installation costs and take some time to install as well.

Cold Zones

As radiators heat the water that first comes in contact with them, therefore, they are partially prone to cold spots; however on the other hand a boiler distributes the water evenly in the entire residence and therefore there are comparatively fewer chances to have cold zones.


If you want a multi-purpose water heating system, then radiant floor water heaters are the right choice. The water that these mechanisms heat can be used for floor heating and other purposes like dishwasher, shower, and other household work, whereas a boiler can only work as a heating system for the residents.


When it comes to energy consumption radiant water heaters are much more efficient as compared to the boilers as they consume maximum energy and turn it into heat. In this way, they also reduce your bills by approximately 15% as compared to boilers.


Different types of floor heating systems come in different sizes and make. However generally, radiant water heaters are comparatively less space covering as compared to the boilers.

Replacement or Repair

As radiant floor water heaters are low on cost, there will be light on your budget if you wish to replace them in case of any damage. That is not the same with water boilers as they might end up reckoning your entire budget plan for floor heating if a problem is encountered.


The overall comparison is on the side of radiant floor heating water. It is cost-efficient, convenient, multi-purpose, energy-efficient, and replacement friendly as compared to the boiler.

Also, you can have more space in your home. A boiler takes too much space in the room!

So, pick wisely and consider all the pointers before choosing a mechanism.

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