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How To Get Fresh Air In Basement?

An unventilated basement could invite foul smells into space. Considering we spend a fortune on building and renovating a house, homeowners should never neglect the basement.

The foul smell is not the only consequence! When the basement is poorly ventilated, it harbors poor air quality and mold growth. The majority of the homeowners use their basement as a storage space to keep old objects, cleaning agents, solvents, and automobile parts.

When there is no air circulation in the area, the chemical fumes and dust release in the air and makes the basement a poorly ventilated and harmful space.

The question is – How to get fresh air in the basement?

Here’s a post that talks about the ways to bring in fresh air into the basement. Let’s cut to the chase!

Using Natural Ventilation Methods

Natural methods can help in conserving energy. If there is scope for making windows in the basement, then create some outlet through which fresh air can make its way inside the space.

Make sure the windows are in the opposite direction so that there is cross-ventilation in the basement. Keep it open at regular intervals, but close it during rainfall or snowfall.

While natural ventilation works in most cases, there are wet basements where only a mechanical ventilation system works.

Relying On Mechanical Ventilation System

If natural ventilation does not work in the wet basement, homeowners use fans and vents to bring in fresh air into the basement.

One of the most efficient mechanical ventilation systems is the basement ventilator fan. It controls moisture and is specifically designed to provide ample ventilation. A basement ventilator does the job efficiently by reducing humidity. Bid adieu to mold growth because the ventilator fan is tailor-made to exhaust all the pollutants in the air.

What are the benefits? No more odor or mold growth! The air quality improves significantly and allows you to breathe easily.

Basements are considered dark and dingy! Without proper ventilation, it is possible that you might just get pests in the dark area. Don’t be surprised if it starts looking like a haunted house from ‘The Conjuring’.

A Ventilation exhaust fan is beneficial in improving the quality of the air inside a basement. Since there are no windows or any outlet to let the fresh air in, these ventilator fans work as well as windows.

The Installation Process

After purchasing the ventilation fan from a legit platform, you can hire a professional. It all depends on the size of your basement. Go for a ventilator fan that consists of a humidity sensor. As per EPA, homeowners should maintain the surroundings below 60% humidity. This does not promote mildew or mold growth.

Make sure you purchase the right product. Read reviews, ratings, and invest in a ventilation system that comes with a warranty.

Ideally, go for a product that is easy to install and offers quiet operation. You wouldn’t want a noisy ventilation system that wakes up all the neighbors around your home. Choose the best!

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