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How To Install A Light In Your Shower?

Even though there is plenty of light in your bathroom, the shower area seems too dark. Well, we have a bright solution for you.

As people move towards a progressive society, their requirements change. First, we needed the bow and arrow. Now we require lights in our shower. When the bathroom area is bright and pretty, we do not think about adding extra lights. However, homeowners are constantly wanting to beautify every corner of their home, including the bathrooms.

Adding one source of light in the bathroom is not enough! Perhaps the curtain that separate the shower area and rest of the bathroom are coming in the way. The shower area continues to be dark. The question is – How install a light in your shower?

The Solution

Homeowners can install a ‘recessed light’ above the shower. It will help you to get some generous amount of light every time you shower. Wouldn’t that be a nice change? Maybe you have seen it in luxurious homes or premium properties. The good news is that YOU can install the same without getting a hole in your pocket.

How To Install A Light In The Shower? – REVEALED

For starters, you need to find a power source for your new light fixture. In case you are simply replacing a fixture, then there is no need to find power source. Then, head to the circuit breaker box and shut the power off. This is an important step that ensures YOUR safety.

Next step is to cover the shower drain so that there are no deposits such as dust and debris. Once all the preliminary steps are done, find the location where you wish to install the light.

Note – You must check the ceiling before cutting the drywall. There should be no electrical wires or pipes. Get ceiling clearance before starting the work.

The last step is to install the light and connecting the wires of the new fixture and the electrical cable.

Turn on the power and check if the fixture is working or not!

Finally, your job is done and you can now enjoy the new light while showering.

How To Buy The Shower Light?

There are some pointers that you need to keep in your mind. These include:

  • Check whether the product is dust-proof and water-resistant.
  • The light should be crisp and cool. It should not hurt your eyes.
  • Does it go well with the interiors of your bathroom? Some homeowners stress on this factor before buying the LED light.
  • The product should have a long lifespan.
  • Ideally, look for a product that offers warranty/guarantee.

You can choose Amazon as the preferred site to shop for the LED shower light. The range of products available on the platform are praise-worthy. Additionally, prospective buyers can check the reviews and ratings before picking the product.

Your shower area is too dark and dingy. The whole shower experience should be pleasant! So, install the shower light today. You could always take help from a professional to install the light.

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