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How To Increase Ventilation In Basement?

Are you looking for the best way to increase ventilation of your dingy basement? Perhaps the mouldy smell is troubling you.

A basement is a closed space where the moisture builds up and gives away a stale smell. Spending time in the stuffy room can be terrifying. Hence, you need to invest your time and money to make the basement well-ventilated.

For starters, let’s understand why your basement needs to be ventilated:

  • The basement is a closed space which attracts moisture.
  • If the moisture level goes out of hand, it leads to mould growth.
  • Mould growth can cause allergic reactions and other serious respiratory problems.

That’s precisely why you need to make it a liveable space. The question is – How do you do that?

Hold that thought! Mould growth not only causes serious health problems, but it also damages the environment. Maybe you spent lots of money to decorate your basement. Perhaps the basement has a lot of precious items from your childhood. Mould growth can damage all these precious items.

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By creating a well-ventilated space, you are protecting the stored items. Also, the family members can use this room for some extra-curricular activities.

Here are some of the efficient ways to increase ventilation in basement. Let’s take a quick look!

1. Creating Windows – By cutting a hole, you are making windows. Hire a professional to do this for you. Windows are much-needed in such spaces. This is not a DIY project that you can do easily. You would need someone who can cut the walls to create windows. Accurate measurements and precise cuts are needed. Also, the right equipment is required for this job.

2. Portable Ventilation – If you do not want to hire a professional to create windows, invest in portable ventilation. Portable ventilation refers to the air purifiers. These are easily available on Amazon! The air purifier pulls the air outside into the unit and purifies it. It filters the air inside your basement. The end result is a clean and well-ventilated space. It will eliminate mould, bacteria, dust, and much more.

Since there is constant moving of air, it does not stay stagnant. When the air is stagnant, it leads to mould and bacteria growth.

3. Heat – When the atmosphere in the basement is cold, it will surely attract dampness. Ideally, you should keep the temperature to 60 degree Fahrenheit through the year. This will help in reducing or stopping the dampness in the basement.


In case the basement is giving out a foul smell, you can take out all the objects and put it on garage sale. Vinegar and lemon juice is also used for getting rid of mould and mildew.

After cleaning the basement, make sure you create a cosy space for your family. Create windows, leave the door and windows open, or use an air purifier. If heat helps in stopping dampness, keep the space heated. But, this is to avoid dampness – not increasing ventilation.

The windows or an air purifier will help you to keep the basement well-ventilated. 

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