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How To Install Ceiling Light Without A Junction Box

If you are in search of finding out a way of installing a ceiling light without a junction box, I am sorry to say, you won’t find it, because it is risky and not a good idea to even fix a ceiling light without it junction box, a junction box is a very important item if you are looking to fix a ceiling light. A junction box has a lot of importance when fixing your light, one of which is that it prevents electrical accidents or fire outbreaks; even while fixing the light, you will be required to take the connection cables through to the electrical junction box, if not there will be a high risk of fire outbreak. So do not risk trying to install a ceiling light without a junction box.

How to install ceiling lights without a junction box

  With the pace of technological innovation, a lot has been rebranded, and there are new ways of doing things. Now there are premium lighting fixtures that do not need a junction box because there is a junction box that comes with it, and it is specially meant for it. That is, you don’t need to get a junction box separately or even rip the walls off; great, right?

This lighting may be fluorescent fixtures, cans, recessed lighting, and track lightings;


Ensure you disconnect all power supplies before you begin the operation of fixing your ceiling light. Use a tape to seal the switch to be on a safer side, then use a screwdriver that tests for current to make sure there is no current before you start the process.

Step 1: select a fixture

Step 2: After you must have selected your fixture, prepare a junction box, begin by locating the panel board, then switch off the power from the box, there are three visible wires, two power wire, and the last one complement the other two

Step 3: After making the connections, tighten the electrical connection in place with screws, then to the mounting bracket. Ensure the junction box is firm and tightly attached, and then use your screwdriver to fix the bracket to the junction box, making sure it is tightly screwed.

Step 4: when taking the wires through the fixture box, ensure it is appropriately connected; if not, it could cause an electrical accident.

Step 5: to prevent accidents secure the connections with clamps; wire stables can also be used to secure cables with studs.

If it’s possible to the borehole in through the drywall, ensure to staple the wire as the cable pass through it.

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