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Home Security Tips From A Master Burglar

Do you need a Security Tips From A Master Burglar?

Property theft and home invasion are very rampant nowadays; a lot of people are aware of this and are concerned about the safety of their homes against home intruders; with the increased rate of home invasion recorded in recent time, a lot of homeowners are out in search of home security systems and tips on how to protect their homes from being invaded.

Here I will be listing some home security tips from a master burglar;

Panic button 

On several occasions, burglars invade homes and run away with expensive items and are not caught because security officers dare not be alerted on time. The panic button assists in resolving this; the minute you notice something fishy, the panic button is the fastest medium to notify security services providers of emergency for them to come to your rescue. It is advisable to mount one around your bedroom for easy access.

Alarm your windows

The kitchen window, the one over your sink, in particular, is a favorite entry point for professional burglars. It should also be known that toilet windows in a 2-story building are also an easy entry point to the main bedroom and to other places in the house where valuables are stored; a motion detector will work well in this case to monitor and detect any break-in.

Protect all entrances

Be it the front door or back door, make sure surveillance cameras are everywhere around the house and also add signs to warn outsiders or intruders that the house has security surveillance cameras.

Video doorbell camera

This kind of doorbell camera, having such a special feature(video) that allows the house owner to see who is at the door, should be a must-have in every home; this video doorbell camera is super effective when it comes to up-to-date surveillance of the home, with full access to timely security system live footage from afar. A smart doorbell camera will notify you in case of any fishy activity going on in your house or yard. Therefore it provides you with timely information on whatever is going on at home when you are not around.

Make your garage doors impenetrable.

A lot of people leave their garage doors open and accessible, forgetting that it is also a main point of entry for these burglars; after you have locked and secured your windows and doors, do not feel relaxed and assume the house is secure without making sure that your garage door is impenetrable, the garage door should be made of solid materials like metals and the like, then do not leave out the garage when installing the security cameras and smart alarm around the house.

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