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How To Install Exhaust Fan In Kitchen Window

Cooking is a significant source of indoor pollutants, so all kitchens should have an exhaust fan. An exhaust fan helps to remove grease, smoke, and fumes in the air when cooking on your stove or cooker. They also reduce cooking emission by removing them directly or increasing the overall air exchange to remove pollutants.

Installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen window may look complicated, but it is not. It is something that you can do if you have proper guidance. No matter the kind of window you have in your kitchen, you can still fix an exhaust fan quickly.

Step To Install An Exhaust Fan

Pull out the Window Pane

The first thing to do when it comes to an exhaust fan installation is to remove the windowpane. If you are working with a double pane window, remove it from the casing.

Use Lexan in place of Glass.

If you install an exhaust fan into a pane of Glass, it is very likely for the Glass to crack. This will probably lead to a replacement. So, instead of allowing that to happen, make use of Lexan. Lexan is a strong material that you can see through and clean easily, just like Glass.

Make an Outline on the Lexan

Here, it would be best if you used the exhaust fan’s casing to trace its outline on the Lexan material. Be sure that the case is leveled before you begin to trace and draw.

Cut out a Hole

Cut the Lexan material for the installation of the fan. You can either use the method to use a jigsaw or use the technique where you use a glass cutter. It is preferable and safer to use a glass cutter because it leaves a clean-cut without ragged edges.

Return the Window

Once you have cut out the hole and installed the Lexan, you should return the window into its casing.

Install the Fan

Since you have returned the window into the casing, the next thing is to install the exhaust fan. Pull out the front cover of the fan so that you can slide the motor into the casing. 

Make Holes for Screws

Put the case of the fan on the Lexan and mark spots for holes meant for screws. After that, remove the case and use a cordless drill to drill the holes. You have to be careful and drill right into the Lexan.

Set the Case

Mount the case back to the Lexan and screw in the bolts. Please make use of the locking nuts to keep them secured.

Place the Fan

Set the fan inside the mounted case and secure it with a retaining screw. Put the cover over the fan and connect to the nearest outlet.

There you have it! Your exhaust fan is successfully installed on your kitchen window. It’s not so difficult. With these simple steps, you are ready to do it yourself. 

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