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Types Of Window Alarm Sensors

Window sensors are an essential part of the home security system. Most systems have a certain number of sensors. If your window gets breached when the alarm is on, the sensor sends a signal to the main control panel and triggers an alarm.

Window sensors work with the use of a reed switch and a magnet. The reed switch is attached to your window frame, and the magnet is attached to the window. The best way to use window alarm sensors is to position them such that when the window is open, the magnet and the reed switch become separated. One particular thing to note about these sensors is that they are only designed to notify the system when the window is opened typically.

There are three different types of window alarm sensors, and we will consider each of them below.

Open Window Sensor

This is the first type of window sensor, and it comes in two parts: a sensor and a base. When these two parts are close, they produce an electrical current. But when they are separated, the electrical current is broken, and the alarm goes off.

The best way to install this kind of sensor is to secure one part to the window and the other part to the window frame. This open window sensor is meant for windows that can open like sliding windows, casement windows, and different windows that can open.

It is advisable to get a smart version to keep you informed when you are away. A smart sensor allows you to be notified through a mobile app.

Glass Break Sensor

This is the second type of window sensor. It is a unique kind of window sensor in that it “hears” for the sound of glass shattering. You can imagine it as a noise detector that listens for glass breaking sound. When the sensor detects glass breaking, the alarm is triggered.

The glass break sensor is so undemanding and straightforward because you can put just one in a room. It can cover more than a window at once, and this is why it is suitable for spaces with many windows.

The problem with this sensor is that it can be prone to false alarms because it relies on frequencies. So, it’s best to pair it with another kind of window sensor.

Window Vibration Sensor

This is the final type of window sensor. This type must be placed directly on the glass of the window that you want to protect. If you’re going to cover more than one window, it means you will need more than one sensor.

When the sensor is placed on the surface of the window, it detects vibrations in the glass. If the glass is hit with force, the alarm will ring. It is best to pair this sensor with another type of window sensor. This is because, just like the glass break sensor, this sensor is prone to false alarms, especially during heavy rain or hailstorms.

With the knowledge of these three types of window alarm sensors, you can make the right choice for your home.  

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