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How to install track lighting without an existing fixture?

Investing in a home is every individual’s dream. Once you purchase the house, you have to take care of the home decor as well. While some people opt for an interior designer, others take care of the home decor themselves.

The most crucial part of interior designing is the lighting you use. Speaking of lighting, you must have heard about the concept of ‘track lighting.’

The question is – How to install track lighting without existing fixture?

Before we answer this query, it is important to understand the concept.

What is track lighting?

Track lighting is merely a lighting system wherein the lights are placed/fitted/fixed on tracks. It allows the technician to opt for variable positioning.

Track lighting is a popular pick in contemporary homes! Let’s say you have an exhibition and want to highlight the painting in the room, track lighting system will be efficient in this case.

Even in living rooms, the track lighting system looks appealing.

How do you install track lighting without any existing fixture?

Installing track lighting can be intimidating, especially when there is no existing fixture.

For starters, you would need to measure your ceiling’s length. Then, you need to figure out the length of the track. Write the measurements in a notebook or a diary for reference.

The next step is to buy the connectors and tracks from a local store. These days you can get all the necessary tools from Amazon store. If you cannot find a track of the length you desire, then buy a longer one. You can cut it later!

Third step is to turn off the power. You would want to work at a safe space.

Once you have turned off the power, take the old fixture off. Since you do not have any existing fixtures, you can invest in one. Track lighting fixtures are super easy to install.

The good news is that there are track lighting fixtures available. They help you to save a lot of space and are easy to install.

So, either unscrew the previous fixture or just fix the new one. You will get to see a bunch of wires hanging out. All you need to do is pair the similar colour wires to the ones hanging out. Use the screws to mount the fixture to the ceiling. Make sure you put all the wires back to where it belongs.

Most of the track lighting fixtures come with LED lights, so you would not have to go through the trouble of making holes in the ceiling.

These track lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling which saves a lot of space. There is no need to drill holes and create a mess.

Once you have mounted the track lighting fixture, turn on the power and check whether the fixture is working or not.

If not, you must check if the wires are connected or not. You can always take the help of a technician!

The Takeaway

When you are buying the rail lighting or track lighting, there are two things to look out for.

  • Track
  • Head

The track will hold the lighting fixtures and the head is the fixture that will hold the bulb. This will be held up using a track.

Hence, you should be looking for a track lighting that you can easily install.

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