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What Is A Baby Air Humidifier?

Winter and summer, the humidity of the air is altered by the power of the heaters, the lack of ventilation. As a result, the air is dry and causes discomfort for the baby, who can have difficulty breathing or dryness cutaneous. To compensate for this lack of humidity, we use an air humidifier in the baby’s room, which aims to improve moisture. Silent, practical, easy to use, these thin water mist into the air thanks to a steam system and thus ensures the ideal humidity level in the baby’s room.

If they can be installed everywhere at home, we are mainly in the child’s room that they interest us. Small and compact, the diffusers are placed several meters from the subject to purify the indoor air and regulate the humidity. Conversely, the dehumidifier makes it possible to combat air that is too laden with moisture.

The Best Way to Choose A Baby Humidifier

There are all kinds of technologies for humidifiers for children. However, to choose the most suitable for the needs of the house, it is necessary to take into account several criteria that could affect the final choice.

The covered area

Most of the time, baby humidifiers are rather small; these adapt to surfaces ranging from 10 to 30m², or a baby’s room more or less significant. On the other hand, for those who would have provided a place on the upper surface, in this case, other models are also suitable but will be more expensive. In other measures, two humidifiers can also be combined in a vast room.

Tank capacity

Logically, the smaller the tank, the more often it needs to be filled. To be quiet a little longer, we are moving towards models with a 2 to the 3L tank.

With or without settings

It depends on your preferences, but there are indeed automatic and manual models. The automatic ones being inevitably a little more expensive, we advise in any case to choose the manuals to regulate with your convenience the flow of vapor and the rate of humidification in the room.

The type of humidification

There are different types of diffusers, and these differences are particularly felt on the vapor. We speak of an ionic humidifier, ionic and filter (s), ultrasonic, ultrasonic and cold vapor, ultrasonic and warm vapor, hot vapor, cold vapor by evaporation or temperate condensation. The best for a baby’s room is to opt for an ultrasonic model with cold vapor so as not to heat the room at the same time.

The angle of diffusion

The nozzle which sends the steam can be fixed or rotary, with a small or a large opening. Depending on where you want to install your humidifier, it is necessary to check that the nozzle will be suitable.


In the event of a problem, it should be monitored that the device has an automatic shutdown.

Diffuser options

Diffusers can combine different options. This can be an automatic mode, an air purifier, an essential oil diffuser (less recommended in the baby’s room), a night light, a thermostat, a hygrostat, a timer … However, all these options have a cost that seriously increases the base price of the baby humidifier.

The price

There are diffusers at all prices ranging from $50 to $500. For the most expensive, the models generally combine several options as well as the most extended autonomy and, therefore, the most massive tanks. It should, however, be noted that there are few devices less than $50.


In addition to the legal guarantees, the manufacturer or the seller may offer a commercial warranty. Depending on its terms, it can tip your choice towards one device rather than another. However, make sure it allows a repair in your area.

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