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Why Is the Humidifier Important for A Child?

In your child’s room, you need to install a thermometer, it lets you know the temperature, but other information is important.

  • Heating is harmful since it makes the air much drier.
  • Children can, therefore, develop some respiratory problems and even allergies.
  • Instead of lowering the humidity, this device can increase it as needed.
  • The mucous membranes will no longer be irritated and he will be able to sleep peacefully.
  • Sleep disturbances are usually suppressed quickly since breathing is much healthier.
  • This device is very easy to use thanks to a few settings and it also helps decorate the environment.

The humidity level for your baby’s room should be between 40 and 60%, but in most cases, it is much too low or too high. It is then necessary to buy an electric air humidifier so that the ambient air is up to expectations. You should see a marked improvement, but be aware that the benefits are also beneficial for adults. They must, therefore, monitor this rate in other rooms of the house, including the bedroom.

How to humidify the air in the baby’s room?

Several solutions are available to you, each solution brings these good but also these bad points. Let us try to guide you in your best choice according to your needs and desires.

Hot vapor evaporative humidifiers

Electrodes heat the water which releases a soft vapor and diffuses throughout the room. The impurities in the water remain stored at the bottom, so there is no need to filter it. On the other hand, limestone can attach to the resistors, they will have to be cleaned regularly but no danger to health. Be careful to place the device out of the reach of your children in order to avoid any risk of burns on contact with boiling water. Another drawback is that the temperature should rise. For more security, it is, therefore, a solution less and less recommended.

Cold steam humidifiers

A small motor agitates the water present in a tank to obtain a vapor, the water is therefore not heated. Consequently, no risk of burns. In addition, the steam is cool, the room does not heat up, the effect is appreciable especially in summer. Since the water is not heated there is a high risk of contamination by bacteria or mold. It is recommended to change the water very often, even to use distilled water.

On the other hand, no danger to health if you respect the instructions of the manufacturers, that is to say:

  • Empty the water immediately after each use
  • Do not leave standing water, germs multiply. You must fill the tank only when using the device

Clean the product daily

The motor can emit a constant noise, compare the decibels well before making your choice although the majority of the products are of good quality and the noise is therefore low.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Water flows slowly from a tank to an ultrasonic plate whose vibrations (via ultrasound) transform it into vapor. The steam is propelled by a mini fan into the air of the room. The advantage of this type of device, a nice visible mist diffuses and its effectiveness is felt quickly at the level of breathing. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to embalm with pleasant air. However, be careful to choose your essential oil according to the age of your child. Many are prohibited for very young children.

Baby Humidifier Usage tips

To properly use your air humidifier, certain precautions must be taken. Being an electrical product in a very small room, it must be kept away and out of reach of the child. For best use, you will need to change the water often enough to prevent bacteria from growing. Some humidifiers come with filters that need to be changed to keep them working.

Also, be careful to check the autonomy of the device, some can operate up to 20h. It can be interesting to choose a model that automatically turns off after a chosen time. The room in which the humidifier will be used is the bedroom you must watch the noise that the device can make. It will be a shame if your child is disturbed while sleeping.

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