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Amazon Cloud Cam Reviews: Best for Alexa fans


Amazon cloud cam indoor security cameras and standard webcams are perfect, but the indoor security camera offers some advantages that make it more outstanding, like an intelligent alert that can be customized to notify me of potential break-ins, and motion activated clips that allow you to keep tabs on your home from anywhere. The indoor security camera also gives you the chance to monitor any mischief even when not around.

With the continuous growth of security camera, Amazon has thrown its own Cloud Cam into the market. Initially, when the company first step into the security market, many were surprised and wonders whether the camera and the Cloud Cam app would be able to measure up against Big contenders like the Nest Cam indoor and Nest Aware.

Amazon Cloud Cam allows you to store 30-meter night vision and 24-hour clip.  And as the Amazon device, it’s playing well with Alexa-devices.

The Amazon Cloud Cam allows you to download and share video clips. But to use it as a security camera, including person and audio detection, then you will have to subscribe to Amazon Drive. Without the subscription, you will only be notified when sweeping motion is detected.

You can get the Amazon Cloud Cam at the rate of $119.99. It comes with a free plan but a basic one which does not include useful features like zone setting and person detection. Below is the breakdown of different plans available with the Cloud Cam.

Amazon is always ready to provide the best possible experience for Cloud Can users, free subscription users included. Based on recent reports from users, the company made a lot of change. Below are some improvements its made:

  • Making video clips downloadable with a free plan
  • Adding the ability to turn off night vision LEDs
  • Creating the ability to flip and invert camera orientation
  • Including toggle to disable audio recording
  • Adding a browser option to view the live feed on your computer
  • It has an impressive night vision

Even though Cloud Cam’s infrared LED lights can affect the eyes in the dark, the night vision is very sharp. You can see Clearly in the darkroom and be able to identify peoples faces as they walk through the room.

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How the Cloud Cam works with Alexa

If you already have an Echo device, Cloud Cam easily syncs with your home automation. When you place a Cloud Cam in your room, the Echo Spot will immediately detect the Cloud cam, and then you will be able to control the camera with Alexa voice commands. You can use Alexa to manage your motion detection notifications,  pull up live videos, and cycle through the different camera in your home. Practically, you can be in the kitchen cooking and watching a live feed of your living room with your Echo spot. The Cloud Cam would be great for parents or caretakers who want to keep an eye on their kids from another room.

Cloud Cam does not keep shooting continuously whether or not you have an Amazon drive.


  •  Clear image
  •  The price is lower than the leading competitors.
  •  Perfect integration with Alexa.
  •  Bi-directional audio to talk about the camera.
  •  Easy to configure and use
  •  Regular updates to improve the user experience.
  •  All plans have an affordable multi-channel option.


  •  Zone blocking, protection and subscription requirements for 24-hour cloud storage
  •  Easy-to-activate motion sensor that sends false alarms to your phone
  •  Without professional supervision
  •  Without zoom

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