Home Appliances Home Appliances Review: Perfect Bake Pro for cooking

Home Appliances Review: Perfect Bake Pro for cooking

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If you want to use half a cup of flour in the refrigerator, three eggs, and a few blueberries to discover what you can do, you may be lucky: this smart device allows you to enter what you want to cook and then generate it with these items. The formula used.

You can automatically adjust the number of people in the recipe or even the ingredients you have (that is, “only 1/4 cup of chocolate chips”), or generate a shopping list based on the recipe you want to make. The most critical thing is that you can use the bowl to measure your ingredients while pouring it: the smart container tells you when you can stop serving.

Welcome relaxed and comfortable cooking to make sure you’re always delicious! Perfect Bake PRO combines smart scales with recipe applications on your phone or tablet. Little by little, it will make your delicious desserts, bread, snacks, etc., as you download them and guide them.

Perfect Bake Pro retains all the qualities that we like in the original model. There are many recipes to choose from, the application is easy to use, and you can adjust recipes based on the number of items in your hand. Pro solves some of the problems we encountered in 2014: the original white plastic surface of the scale has been upgraded to stainless steel, and now the device is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth, and now the application allows you to add your recipes.

Why choose PRO?

Our premium product, the Perfect Bake PRO, has a wireless scale (Bluetooth 4.0) with an attractive stainless steel finish and a backlit LCD screen, which makes it ideal for any kitchen countertop. This scale is the most accurate in the consumer market and is measured at the nearest 0.1 gram. Bake by weight like a professional.

The foremost pastry chefs consider that their ingredients are the most precise measure: the key to obtaining consistent results. With Perfect Bake PRO, you can get three times faster than traditional baking by directly pouring it into the bowl. No measuring cup means speedier cleaning.

The Perfect Bake Pro app has a robust selection of recipes and simple step-by-step instructions to help you make some quality baked goods, using weight as the primary means of measuring ingredients. The stainless steel finish and Bluetooth connectivity of the scale is the first perfect baking update we completed in 2014.

What’s bad?

Do you want to add your favorite cookie recipe to your application? This process is confusing because the counterintuitive interface is almost like creating a recipe in reverse.

Bottom line

The Perfect Bake Pro scale is the right choice for beginners, and for him, baking is daunting. But if you have your collection of recipes, this gadget will prevent it.


  • Forget about measuring: just put a bowl on the scale and pour it
  • When you fall, the virtual bowl on the screen is full, telling you when to stop
  • Formula to automatically adjust the number of recipes and different sizes and shapes of cake molds
  • Only half a bag of chocolate chips? Perfect cooking will also scale automatically.
  • Tell Pantry to use the ingredients you have on hand; he will tell you the recipes you can make
  • Generate a list of missing ingredients in the recipe you want to make.
  • Choose from more than 300 recipes tested by the chef or add your recipes.

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