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Best Fire Escape Ladders For Your Home

An emergency staircase is the most secure, best, and most popular escape route. In rehearse, an escape ladder could be a substitute solution for fire escape when there is not enough space, a limited budget, the building is aesthetically valuable, or multiple escape paths are recommended.

Ladders are a fire escape answer substitute for stairs. Therefore, we will recommend the best fire escape ladders for your home.

Equipping an emergency ladder is a necessary action for multilevel habitats, apartments or studios. Indeed, an emergency ladder can save your life if the main exit is obstructed or inaccessible because the smoke starts from this place.

It is set up easily and quickly to ensure a fast and secure descent of all members of your family. Discover many models of emergency ladders to find the right product for your needs.

best fire escape ladders for your home

1. Kidde KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder 1000 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
2. Saf-Escape 2 Story 15′ Portable Escape Ladder1000 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
3. Always Prepared Premium Emergency Fire Escape Ladder Two-Story1000 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
4. Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder1000 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
5. Kidde 25′ 3 Story Escape Ladder1000 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON

Why Should You Consider Escape Ladder For An Emergency?

  • Scarcity of space: An unexpected emergency staircase is a cumbersome solution, and there is not always enough space available.
  • Aesthetics: For historic or aesthetically useful structures, preparing regulations do not always allow for the placement of an external staircase.
  • The layout of the compartment: Sometimes, it is better to offer multiple escape routes. For example, you may choose to have one fire escape stairway and two extra ladders in other corners of the building.
  • Cost: An escape ladder is much cheaper than a fire escape stairway. Unfortunately, there are situations in which an escape ladder can be financially justified more easily than escape stairs.

5 Best Fire Escape Ladders For Your Home

1. Kidde KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

This rescue equipment was made using an extensive variety of best level materials to make every part of this item. It makes use of high-quality measure steel to make the snares of this step. Its rung is made of zinc-plated steel, which makes the ladder lightweight. Matter of fact, it includes the super-tough nylon lash that holds together the ladder.

The fact that these super solid materials are blended is what makes the ladder firm and reliable that it can withstand the most extreme weights up to 1,000 lbs. It is a foot wide and stretches to a maximum height of 13 feet. You don’t need to assemble it because it is ready to use, so you get to set it up quickly when an emergency arises.

2. Saf-Escape 2 Story 15′ Portable Escape Ladder

This 15-foot portable escape ladder from Saf-Escape is light, compact yet sturdy enough to hold up to 1000lbs of weight. It is manufactured from robust and resilient gauge steel that is zinc plated, and it is set to give a long-lived service. It is nevertheless lightweight and easy to carry in the case of an emergency.

Based on its manufacture, it is recommended for windows that are at least 13 inches wide, the wall thickness of 9 – 14 inches deep and two-story buildings and apartments. You do not need to worry about it’s so you can use it straight out of the package. Its unique design and excellent features justify the price, which is not so cheap but worth it.

3. Always Prepared Premium Emergency Fire Escape Ladder Two-Story

The escape ladder is lauded for being foldable, durable, non-slip, and easy to attach to any windowsill. It is made from aluminium with a sturdy steel hook and a durable Terylene belt. It weighs 8.4 lbs. and can stand so much weight which has been tested and proved to support 1000lbs, making it safe for about three people at once.

It can stretch as high as 13 feet, making it best for two-story buildings. The treads are spread 13 inches apart. It enhanced stability and hooks design is unique, so it fits most window frames and sills with no chance of slipping off. If your goal is to get a disposable fire escape ladder that is easy and convenient to use and still solid and reliable, then this is the best option.

4. Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

This fire escape ladder is ergonomic, and it has a life-sparing outline which gives it the fastest method to convey this stepping tool amid the crisis and you don’t need to assemble it before you utilize it. Summarily, you can use it at the time you require it.

When it is attached to the windowsill, the chain and stair will discharge from the capacity; you can move down immediately it gets to that point. It has slip-resistant rung to make sure the foothold is steady while you descend. The length is 13 feet when stretched and serves well for a two-story house. Based on its sturdy construction, it can hold up to 1000 lbs of the weight of about three people.

5. Kidde 25′ 3 Story Escape Ladder

This ladder comes with anti-slip rungs for added stability and more safety. Also, its grip provides extra comfort together with the enhanced security when climbing down in a hurry. It is built from sturdy and quality material, and multiple persons can stand on it at the same time.

It boasts of a 25-foot length making it a decent option for 2-3 story buildings. It is workable for escape windows with a minimum width of 11 inches. You don’t have to go via any hassle to get it installed, so also is using it.

Matter of fact, it doesn’t require any pre-installation before you use it so you can deploy at any time. You can also use it several times, which makes it a valuable addition to your safety gear.

How To Choose The Best Fire Escape Ladders For Your Home?

To complete your choice of a fire escape ladder, here are some tips to make sure you have the model you need. First, take the measure of distance B. This is the gap between the inside and the outside of the sill. Then go to measure C and D.

This corresponds to the overhangs supporting your window on each side. To obtain the thickness of your wall, then subtract C + D from B. Finally, we give you a little trick to check the excellent measure of B: if the measure D is greater than 3 cm, it is advisable to provide fixation of bars in order that the emergency ladder is sufficiently stable and ready for use.

Maintenance Of A Rescue Ladder

Fixed emergency ladders are maintenance-free because they are designed not to be moved. They are therefore very resistant to bad weather (rain, snow, strong sunshine) as well as shocks and collisions of all kinds.

About portable emergency ladders, it is recommended to store them in places where dust and insects cannot be deposited and to keep it safe from various shocks so that its use remains possible at any time. The best solution for keeping a fire escape ladder is a storage box, which will protect it from all the plagues and offer the possibility to its owner to put it in a place accessible by all.

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