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Best Folding Step Tool For Toddlers (2021 Updated)

If your baby becomes self-sufficient to become a big boy or girl, it’s probably time to buy the best folding step tool for toddlers, which will help him/her to become independent. Room of the house, material, features, we will help you choose your future baby footstool for your purchase.

Best Folding Step Tool For Toddlers

1. Little Partners Toddler & Adult Step Up StoolBest Toddler Step Stool with RailsCHECK ON AMAZON
2. SDADI Kids Kitchen Step StoolBest Toddler Step Stool for Kitchen CHECK ON AMAZON
3. Bumbo Step StoolBest Bathroom Step Stool for ToddlerCHECK ON AMAZON
4. Handy Laundry Folding Step StoolBest Folding Step Stool for ToddlerCHECK ON AMAZON
5. Tundras Kids Green Step Stool Best for BudgetCHECK ON AMAZON

     Criteria To Choose The Best Folding Step Tool For Toddlers

The age of the child will determine, among other things, the choice of the best folding step tool for toddlers!

The first criterion must be height. Base on the age of your little one, it will be more or less elevated to reach the desired size and have the objects at hand. One or two steps it will again depend on the size of your baby. However, we recommend that you do not take too small a step so that it can support the growth of your child. Base on your age, you can also choose the material of the step stool in full knowledge of the facts. The footboards for babies are not made of metal, like the classic stools, but are adapted to their precarious balance, and therefore the blows and falls they can inflict.

In terms of ergonomics, children’s steps have rounded ends, and generally a non-slip coating. They are also designed to have an attractive color for children (or on the contrary discreet to fit your interior), and therefore reassure them when to climb on it.

Finally, you must think about your interior: which material best suits your bathroom? Can you slide the step ladder under the bathroom cabinet? If this is not the case, we recommend that you choose a folding step for children, to facilitate the storage of the small stool.

5 Best Folding Step Tool For Toddlers

1. Little Partners Toddler & Adult Step Up Stool (Best Toddler Step Stool with Rails)

This stool happens to be the most versatile, durable, and safe kids’ step stool, which children can use comfortably. It features a sturdy construction of solid birch wood with six anti-slip stickers which come with its purchase, tall sides and built-in hand grip rails for kids to hold on as they climb, and it provides a safe way for your kids to reach sinks, kitchen counters, shelves, closets, or the top of fridges to get a snack.

The 17-pound step stool has a bottom step which is made up of two halves, where one is fixed and the other removable and adjustable to completely two different heights. And the other half at the back can be pulled out and inserted into any of the two slots above and then secured with a lock to serve as a second higher step. The three-step positions mean several children can use it at a time.

2. SDADI Kids Kitchen Step Stool: Best Toddler Step Stool for Kitchen

This product is made entirely of solid pine wood which is strong and durable although it makes the stool a little heavy at 15.4 pounds. The wood is coated with nontoxic polyurethane paint, which makes it non-harmful for children and also easy to clean. Toddlers climb up from beneath, and the safety rails on all the four sides secure them from falling below the 34.8-inch high step stool. There are other safety measures like the sticky pads attached on the legs to avoid skidding and slippage.

The purchase has a 14-day money back guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on free parts in case you have any doubt on the sturdiness and durability of this toddler step stool. It is also easy to assemble, which can be done in a few minutes.

3. Bumbo Step Stool (Best Bathroom Step Stool for Toddler)

This product is made of durable plastic which can hold a maximum of 110 pounds, yet it still is light in weight at 1.1 pounds for portability. You can easily clean the plastic material with a damp cloth. It has holes at its side which can serve as handles so babies can easily carry the step stool all around. The stepping surface with the base is anti-slip for traction on all surfaces. Even when kids stand on its edge, it still stands firm which is indeed remarkable.

A grown adult would have to kick it hard to topple it. There is a hollow design underneath which can be stackable for boosting the height. Space underneath can also be converted to storage for your toddler’s toys when overturned.

4. Handy Laundry Folding Step Stool (Best Folding Step Stool for Toddler)

This foldable toddler step stool provides a boost of nine inches of height when opened and a minimum height of 1.7 inches when collapsed for compact storage and portability. You can take it along trips, or utilized in recreational bathrooms, bedrooms, vehicles, and kitchens. This is the best toddler step stool for sinks because it can be conveniently kept in kitchen cabinets or shelves. You can as well take it along with you when taking your kids to see your parents.

Its stepping surface has a grip-dot texture that helps it secure footing while the legs feature anti-skid pads which cling to ANSI III safety requirements. It is light at only 2.3 pounds. However,  it is sturdy enough to hold up to a maximum of 200 pounds. This is one of the few toddler step stools with a weight capacity that can still be used by most adults, and you can get it in purple, black, or white colors.

5. Tundras Kids Green Step Stool : Best for Budget

If your objectives as a parent are to minimize budget when you want to get a stool for your toddler, then this product is the best to use. This product has a height of 5.5 inches, and its small size and contoured design perfectly fit snugly at the base of the toilet without getting in the way. Your child can also stand on it to brush their teeth or also wash their hands after using the toilet. The bottom part is hollow, so toddlers can use it to store their toys.

It is designed with durable plastic, and the green dotted anti-slip pattern at the top and anti-skid bottom prevent this model from skidding or slipping. Your kids can quickly move the stool around due to its lightness.

Why should you buy a folding step tool for your baby?

•    To work to the toilet

To reach the toilets, a folding step tool is essential. Especially when your little end begins to do more in his diaper (or panties), and starts to go to the bathroom alone. A footstool is therefore essential to support the independence and learning of your baby.

•    To reach the bathroom

Another essential piece to place a baby step stool is, of course, the bathroom: to wash your hands after the toilet, wash your face, or brush your teeth, the baby must reach the sink from a certain age, and the steps are a big help for that! To enter the bathroom for bath time, this stool will also be a great help.

•    To reach the kitchen

Finally, you will also need little step stool in the kitchen, to reach the stool to eat or the work plan if necessary.

•    Turning on or off the light

Your small end will also be able to reach the switch in your room, and turn on and off the light quickly. Reaching an object in height: whether to put the table or catch her diaper on a shelf, these baby step stools are handy!

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