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8 Best Night Light For Feeding Baby [2023 Updated]

To get your toddler to bed in time, a night light is one of the best ways to achieve that. A lot of parents are faced with the challenge of having to stay up late to make their toddler sleep and or help to annul their fear of having to sleep alone.

The night light is a solution that has come in handy for parents, and it is best to choose the best night light for feeding baby in the market to have the best experience.

Your toddler will quickly fall in love with this toy, and you will be saved from the stress of late-night sleep.

Best Night Light For Feeding Baby

1. VAVA Nightlight for KidsCheck on Amazon
2. Soaiy Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light LampCheck on Amazon
3. Hatch Baby RestCheck on Amazon
4. Goline Baby NightlightCheck on Amazon
5. Cloud b Twilight TurtleCheck on Amazon
6. Multicolor Star Projector Night Lights For KidsCheck on Amazon
7. Kinderglo Portable Fun and Safe Rechargeable Night LightCheck on Amazon
8. Miccke LED Night LightCheck on Amazon

Criteria For Choosing The Best Night Light For Feeding Baby

Choosing the best night light for feeding baby should come with set guidelines, and you will find them easy to follow so you won’t have to waste your money on a bad product

Brand: great brands produce great products, so you should look out for brands with the reputation to serve your need.

Durability: the product you buy must be user-friendly for easy access.

Product features: the quality and features you want the night light to have and give should be paramount to your list.

Customer Review: Consider the present and previous customer comments and review to know which product is best for you.

8 Best Night Light For Feeding Baby

1. VAVA Nightlight for Kids

VAVA is considered to be a kid-friendly night lighting that is 100% safe as it is made of ABS and PP material. The eye-friendly and power-efficient LED does not flicker and won’t harm your child’s eyes. Besides, the color is changeable between cool and warm white.

This baby nightlight also provides touch-sensitive controls that are user-friendly. You can double-tap into the body to power the light on and off, tap into the logo can be set to a one-hour timer, touch the logo to change the light from soft amber to white incandescent glow, keep the top to dim the light and double-tap at the top to power off.

The VAVA baby nightlight possesses a durable, rechargeable battery powered. It can operate for up to 80 hours when fully charged for 3 hours, making it a fantastic and reliable companion for breastfeeding your baby’s mothers and kids at night.

What’s more, the battery can be charged through a USB cable. Additionally, it is most suitable for toddlers and young kids who like extra illumination at night.

Apart from being the perfect nightlight for feeding baby, VAVA is also great for outdoor activities. It is made from waterproof and shock-resistant material; hence, it helps make excellent equipment for camping, backpacking, and hiking trips. The brightness can be increased by 30% to improve outdoor visibility.

2. Soaiy Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp

The product’s 8 projection modes and a stand-out aurora appeal make this the best product for toddlers. The product is not all that modern, but its lights will always be calming. The built-in speaker makes it an all-round product as you can play your toddlers’ most loved music, and everything syncs to give a great feeling to your toddler.

Should you not need the music, you can turn it off so you can your toddler can have the best night light feelings. The product can sync with your smartphone to play music or stream music online. It has an auto switch-off function, and the product is splashed with a one year warranty.

3. Hatch Baby Rest

You have probably been trying to find the best night light and sound machine with many features that have numerous functions and abilities to offer your baby, Hatch Baby Rest is right for you.

Beautifully made with your ease and comfort in mind, this nightlight comes with various light colours that have been scientifically proven to enhance healthy and nonstop sleep.

Also, What’s more, it can create soothing white noise, which helps with nursing and soothing down kids. Hence, you could choose the best combination of sleep and seem to encourage more advantageous sleep for your child.

This device is fully custom-built or automated to suit the requirements of your feeding baby. It comes with soft light and white noise for newborn breastfeeding sessions or diaper adjustments; this can also be comforting nightlight for pre-schoolers.

This also involves a “Time to rise” alarm that updates older children when to get up. With its easy-to-use features, Hatch Baby Rest tends to be automated automatically, manually or controlled remotely via phone or app.

4. Goline Baby Nightlight

Goline Baby Nightlight is one of the most excellent night light for your feeding baby, which is made of BPA-free washable silicone and comes in a beautiful cat face. The product does not support a remote control but a tap control only.

It is possible to, therefore, hold the silicone surface to deal with 7-color breathing light mode, ordinary white light mode, and standby mode. Customers press the energy button at the bottom part to turn the device on or off.

Its eco-friendly style and portable size make the Goline device suitable for baby room and bedroom night decor and a beautiful gift for girls and children above 24 months of age.

Due to its soft light, the Goline Baby Nightlight is a superb night companion for moms who are breastfeeding your baby as well as supports in diaper change. This can be made possible by it is built-in 1200m AH lithium battery which can last as much as 15 hours. It requires 3 hours to charge the gadget completely.

5. Cloud b Twilight Turtle


This product is one of the best choices you can make for your toddler night light experience. The fact that it looks like a turtle even makes it more fascinating for toddlers and yet it gives the best night light illumination on the wall and on the ceiling to keep your toddler calm and intrigued.

When choosing star lights, this should readily be the go-to product because the stars projected on the wall or ceiling by this product gives the toddlers a soothing effect that you expect from a night light.

The product has an automatic timer that can take as long as 45 minutes of working time to entertain your toddler. It projects different colors that will always keep your toddler engrossed and intrigued.

6. Multicolor Star Projector Night Lights For Kids

Because of its enchanting displays, the multicolor star projector night light for kids will wow even you as an adult. The design brings comfort to your toddler, and you will love how it saves you from all-night-long lullaby or bedtime stories, as this will immediately catch your toddler’s attention.

It comes with various options of star colors in different sizes to appease the kids. To get the best out of this product, you need a dark room to get the proper and efficient illumination.

7. Kinderglo Portable Fun and Safe Rechargeable Night Light

This one does well with proximity as it can sit close to your toddler. It is manufactured to have varieties of night lights to choose from. The proximity to your child doesn’t bring any safety concerns as the product is safe to touch.

The product can be set to go off by itself within a range of 30 minutes. The product comes with just one button, making it easy for toddlers to access. It comes with a high safety rating which helps eliminate any form of worry for the parent.

8. Miccke LED Night Light

The Miccke LED night light is a cartoon cat that will easily attract your toddlers. This modern product has a modern night light solution for your toddlers.

Its fascinating feature allows you to rub your hand on it to switch the color displayed at a particular time to another. You can also turn off the product by patting the product. It comes with a USB charging function.

This product has many bright functions, making it one of the best in the market. You will get great value for your money with the Miccke LED night light product.


This night light is a significant investment since its features let it change and make a difference in your kid. You can begin using this with your new baby and continue using it once your baby is out of the toddler stage. The fact that this is often remotely managed by your phone is also another great plus.

You will have many shade choices and looks that are all conveniently accessible. There is absolutely nothing much better than getting two useful products in a single, and that is what this night light/sound machine offers.

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