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When searching for night lights for your kids, there are a variety of choices available for purchase. Each will differ in size, color, light, output, shape, and feel. Depending on the person, different light may be needed for one room. They provide solace from the darkness and children at all ages can appreciate them. Most adults prefer a soft light at night for their rooms on occasions.

The type of night light that is most common is the kind that you plug into the nearest electrical outlet. They can be clear bulbs or more exciting kinds like cartoon characters and animal shapes.

Presently there are also led bulb lights which use very little electricity. Prices on these are slightly more expensive, but last a long time and are often a good choice. Led bulbs are a green, eco-friendly light that is getting more popular and cheaper with time.

The cloud b constellation night light is one of the most popular night lights for kids today. They come in three kinds: turtle, sea turtle, and ladybug.  These are roughly 12 inches long and look like a stuffed animal. They can be used as toys and also serve as a means of seeing at night. The cloud b constellation lights use three triple batteries, and when the turtle night light shell is pressed or the ladybug shell, light in the form of star patterns are projected onto the ceiling and walls of the room.

This provides learning for viewing the most well-known star constellations as well as a comforting light for getting to sleep. After they are pressed, the light will last for about 45 minutes before it will be turned off automatically. These beautiful and cuddly creatures are a favorite for a kid of various ages and make bedtime a fun experience.

The price for this type of light is about $20-$24. It is more costly than traditional ones that can just be plug in, but the experience is much more entertaining especially for kids. Boys have the potential to like the turtle night light best, and girls many times favor the ladybug.

When choosing the perfect night lights for kids, remember to select the perfect one that you feel it will best fit to provide comfort at night for the child. With so many choices it may seem unbearable at first, but there are a few ordinary favorites that will always be great choices. You may even find great gift ideas as well.

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