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How do WiFi Security Cameras Work?

Security cameras can be very useful in preventing burglary. Studies show, in fact, that homes without security systems are up to three times more likely to be burgled than homes with security systems. Homes that are not secured often appear to be easy targets, unfortunately.

However, apart from preventing burglary, they can also be useful for daily activities like: checking who’s at the door, watching over your baby, watching over your toddler, or even monitoring your house from halfway around the world.

There are typically two types of security cameras: wired and wireless. The wired variety is the traditional security camera. Wireless cameras, on the other hand, bring more than functionality to your home: flexibility and a sleek, modern design. There are three types of wireless security cameras, one of which is WiFi. You might have been considering making the switch to WiFi cameras, or you might just want to know more about them.

This article will answer some common questions on how WiFi security cameras work.

What is a WiFi security camera?

WiFi security cameras are cameras that connect using WiFi, eliminating the need for wire connections. They may be battery-powered, or they may require you to plug them into a power outlet.

Does it require internet to function?

This depends on what functions you want it to perform. If you want a live feed of your home, you do need functioning internet. However, if you only need it to record videos so that you can see what happens while you are away, you only need a WiFi router to kickstart the camera; no internet necessary.

What is the range of a WiFi security camera?

The range (within which you have to place your WiFi router to use the security camera) depends more on your router than the camera itself. There are 4 types of WiFi routers: B, G, N, and AC. Of these, N is the fastest, with an indoor range of 230ft and an outdoor (unobstructed) range of 820ft. With an N router, your security camera can also record in HD. You can extend your  WiFi range using a range extender, if that is a problem.

How easy is it to install?

Most WiFi security cameras are DIY-installable. You can set it up if you have a ladder and a drill. This gives you the freedom you to install them wherever you want.

How long do the batteries last?

This varies from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. However, some battery-powered models can last as long as 6 months without a charge. Some are also solar-charged, which means they recharge automatically. You would only need to change batteries once in a while.

How do I choose a good one?

This will depend on a few factors:

Desired field of view: Cameras with a 120 to 130-degree field of view are standard, but there are some with even wider fields of view. This ensures that your camera has wider coverage.

Desired video resolution: what’s the good of having a security camera if you can’t watch the video it records? You have to find a camera that suits your specifications.

Extra features: you may find several extra features useful, such as ability to link with smart home apps like Alexa and GoogleVoice, two-way audio, night vision, motion alert, pivoting stands etc

One disadvantage of using WiFi security cameras is that WiFi works like FM radio. The difference is that it sends digital signals instead of analog signals. As a result, you might occasionally get interference and disruptions like static or cross talk in your WiFi signal. These can temporarily cut off the video feed.


 WiFi security cameras are definitely a great option for people on a budget. With proper precautions, they can be the best choice!

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