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How to Hide Your Portable Washer?

Whether to avoid penalties from the landlord, make the house look more organized, or make space for other appliances, there are many reasons you might want to hide your portable washer.

Here’s a post that talks about the ways to hide your portable washer. Let’s dive right into the topic!

What is a Portable Washer?

Portable washers are little washing machines (about three feet high and two feet wide), eliminating the need for a Laundromat or common pantry. With a portable washing machine, you can get your emergency laundry done in the comfort of your own home without dealing with annoying people. Perhaps you do not like the idea of going out and socializing with people. Plus, a washer in your home saves both time and FUEL!

white washer and dryer

They generally wash half or less of the stack a regular washing machine would wash, but they are quite cheap and save you a lot of trouble. Some are also manual, enabling you to get clean laundry without using an electrical outlet. They are light and easy to move around and can be a lifesaver on trips.

However, with the ease they offer comes a problem: that of storing them. As light as small as they are, compared to other common home appliances, they still take up a lot of space.

Owning a washing machine is a violation of most lease agreements, so what do you do about your new appliance to make sure your landlord does not see it and kick you out? How do you hide it without taking away from the elegance of your home?

This article provides useful and creative ways to hide your portable washing machine and possibly further beautify your space.

Hiding Your Portable Washing Machine

Behind a curtain: this is an age-long way of hiding things in plain sight. As long as the curtain fits in with the rest of your décor, the only looks it will get are looks of admiration, and the washing machine hidden safely behind it will be your little secret! You may have a small cabinet built for it, and then cover that with the curtain.

Stacked: if you have appliances of a similar size to your portable washing machine, you may stack them neatly together. That way, the washing machine can function as both a shelf and machine.

Under the sink: This is an excellent way of maximizing space and keeping a neat and organized home. The area under the sink is mostly unused, so a great way to use that space and keep your washing machine out of sight is to store it under the sink and hide it with a cabinet door or a curtain.

Bathroom: of course, the bathroom is another place to keep your machine out of sight. Storing in the bathroom also eradicates the need to make new faucets for the new washing machine.

Under the staircase: this is an innovative and quirky way to hide your washing machine and make use of residual space otherwise wasted. You score extra points with your pets or kids when you also put in a nook for them.

Built-in closet: It can provide both functional and visual appeal, if well-crafted and used to store your washing machine.

Overall, portable washing machines are convenient and ergonomic; the inability to hide them should not prevent you from getting one for your needs.

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