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How does Wired Security Cameras Work? 

Have you been wondering about how wired security cameras work?

As the name suggests, wired security cameras are powered and connected for signal transmission through wires. If you look at different organizations, restaurants, or homes, you might observe that wired security cameras are all around you. It is not even surprising because wired cameras have been around us for more than seven decades. They are one of the oldest security devices used by humans.

Even after the invention of wireless security cameras, the demand for wired security cameras did not reduce. It was because the wired security cameras are very efficient. Having a security camera installed ensures that no one can run away with stealing or damaging your property. Most people will not even try to do anything wrong or suspicious when they know that they can get caught through the CCTV footage.

 Basic Setup

 Wired cameras are connected to the recorder through a cable. This cable connects to a router. There are two variants of wires that are useful for this purpose. You can use a separate power wire to power your camera and a different signal cable for the internet. On the other hand, a much more suitable option is to use a multi-purpose cable that can power the camera and send the signals.

 Working Mechanism

 Visual signals from the camera head to the recorder. The recorder records the video and sends it to the router. Through the internet, the router sends the visuals to the control room or monitoring system.

The mechanism is commendable, considering it enhances the overall safety and security of a home/residential area/office space/commercial building. 


 Wired cameras are well known for their signal strength as they are connected with a wire. Having a physical connection with all the working parts makes it less prone to signal interruption. Wired cameras can be connected across more significant properties and organizations. 


 The wired camera setup is relatively high on cost due to the cost of cables. The larger the property is, the more is cable costs. Setting them up on your property requires time. Connecting wires need to be safe from high temperature and sharp objects. You cannot shift a wired camera quickly, as you will have to shift the entire cable system with it.

 Should You Invest In Wired Security Cameras? 

 Wired security cameras are the best option for you if you want a full proof security system with no loopholes. It makes monitoring of large property very easy. Video quality is high, with less distortion. Due to the presence of a recorder, this system is its backup. In case the monitoring system is down, you can access recordings from the recorder. Wired cameras work well even with a centralized router, that connects all the cameras and sends the footage to the monitoring system. 

 A wired surveillance camera can enhance security in your area/home. You will never lose sight of exact spots on your property. They can be lifesaving if there is a possibility of a robbery. Having a video proof of the offenders can help you in getting justice through law enforcement agencies. Besides, they can make you alert of a potential threat before it has entered your property.

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